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Moore Dad Posts Sex Ad On Craigslist, Involves 6-Year-Old Son:

Just because Backpage has been hogging the headlines lately doesn’t mean that craigslist is the land of fluffy bunnies now.

In Moore, Oklahoma Jonathan Mark Smith allegedly posted some kind of sex ad on craigslist which may have involved his 6-year-old autistic son. The ad was allegedly replied to by one Teddy Dean Davis. What we do know is that Dean is said to have fondled the child while Smith watched and masturbated. Let me repeat that for you in layman’s terms in case that didn’t sink in. One guy sexually molested an autistic boy while his dad watched and cranked one out. To make it even extra creepy Smith’s wife was said to have been not home at the time while their other children slept. So not only did this scumbag allow his own son to be molested by a stranger but he allowed said stranger into his house while his kids were there. Who in the blue hell not only thinks like that but gets off on his own disabled son being molested? Someone who uses craigslist apparently.

Again the article doesn’t state it but I would hazard a guess that this took place in the casual encounters section and again it probably wasn’t flagged by the ‘community policing’. Just because craigslist has closed down the erotic/adult services section doesn’t mean that there’s still not a plethora of criminal activity happening on craigslist. If they insist on keeping casual encounters open it needs to be professionally moderated.

UPDATE 2/11/2014: Well if this ain’t a kick in the ass. Davis, the guy who molested an autistic boy, only spent a year and a half in prison after pleading guilty. This guy should have been buried under the jail. Davis is back in the news because not only is he out but he’s failed to register as a sex offender. Sleep well Oklahoma.

The part that he failed to register as a sex offender isn’t surprising but his brief prison stay is. This guy sought out a child to molest and did so under the eye of the kid’s own father. Not to mention the kid is autistic which is taking cruel advantage of the most vulnerable of our society. In a just world, Davis would be facing a much more harsh punishment like the death penalty.

UPDATE 5/27/2014: Davis is still out on the streets after numerous alleged probation violations including being back on craigslist. Seriously Oklahoma, whiskey tango foxtrot?

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