Mutant Murderabilia as stolen ’99 Columbine yearbook goes up for auction


Columbine High School Yearbook Fetching $500 in Auction:

Columbine High School Yearbook from 1999 Auctioning for More Than $700:

‘Rare’ 1999 Columbine yearbook fetching hundreds at auction:

Gawker first broke the story that a 1999 Columbine High yearbook, called Rebelations, was put up for auction on the internet. Before the item was pulled from the website it was fetching bids as large as $700.

The description of the book featured a picture of the book, as I’ve included, but also pictures of the cowardly scumbags Harris and Klebold. Also, the description referred to the book as an important piece of history and not the murderabilia for which I actually consider it.

A lot of people have been asking who would buy something like this? Unfortunately, I’m way too familiar with the answer. In the past, I’ve referred to them as mutants. They are troglodytes who either sympathize or worship the Columbine killers. I have seen more than one request from them looking for a ’99 Columbine yearbook. Some of them try to collect anything related to Columbine from the ’98-’99 school year since that was when the tragedy happened. A ’99 yearbook is an unholy grail for them. Some of them have even claimed to have moved to the Littleton area to be close to their ‘Mecca’.

As it turns out the auction has been pulled as a friend of the original owner of the book told Gawker that the book had been stolen from its owner. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a mutant that stole the book and put it up for auction in the first place.

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