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She's single guys.

Lincolnton woman charged with trying to kill kids:

Police: Children Say Mother Tried to Kill Them in Car Wreck:

Yes, that’s a woman. Anyway the alleged woman is 41-year-old Teresa Caffrey of Lincolnton, North Carolina. She’s been arrested on child abuse charges for crashing her car. It’s not because her kids weren’t restrained (they weren’t). It wasn’t because she was drunk (she may have been). It was because she allegedly crashed the car on purpose in an attempt to kill her daughters, ages 7 and 8.

What’s remarkable about this is that the kids told police that their Breeder crashed the car on purpose. The kids supposedly told witnesses that ” ‘Mama wrecked the car on purpose’ and that she was ‘mad at daddy’ and that’s why she crashed the car. Caffrey is estranged from the baby daddy. Luckily the children only had bumps and bruises.

Just as an addition to the story that I find funny Caffrey was also charged with possession of a controlled substance at a detention facility. Sounds like she may have been trying to sneak a little something something into the jail.

Anyway it’s only a maladjusted selfish piece of trash that takes their infantile man-drama out on their kids.

Thanks to my lovely and talented wife Jade for the tip.

8 thoughts on “NC Breeder tries to kill kids by crashing car

  1. Jeremy Ray says:

    man fuck this bitch….she needs to be put in a car and it needs to be pushed off a cliff….i hate no good fucking parents…this c*** really has it coming for her


  2. Anonymous says:

    This story pisses me the fuck off. It kinda rings close to my heart. This story is similiar to one that happened here about 11 yrs ago.

    This worthless breeder did the same thing. She was unfortunately more effective in her “goal.” She not olnly killed 4 of her own children but 2 children and their dad in the car she hit head on. My childhood best friend was very close to one of the victims of this horrible story. Once again….safe haven laws are out there for a reason.
    The bitch in this story is no different than Judy Kirby. Why the fuck even breed? I think people like these two should have their ovaries removed with UNSTERILE equpiment while awake….just sayin.
    Glad to hear the kids are okay. NOT glad to hear the egg donor is still breathing.

    I felt it should be added that on the picture it says “She’s single guys.” Looks to me the correct headline should have read “She’s single gals.” HAHA 


    1. April says:

      I just read that.  fuck.  She certainly took a few lives… Why is she still breathing?


      1. Anonymous says:

        Is this comment towards the story I posted? IF so I have no clue why the goverment wants to ay to keep this fucking piece of shit alive. Your guess is as good as mine BUT she did get life.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Wait, is that Ron white?

    Selfish he/she!


  4. Shadyhellyeah says:

    They call her Titty Salad….

    *gag puke vomit*

    Sorry…but I can see why her ex broke up with her.
    He was jealous that her balls were bigger than his.


  5. Joycepoteat says:

    I’m the nurse that pulled the 2 girls out of the car, and she was the only one that didn’t have  a bump or blood on her anywhere.  I was the first one on scene and I still have the blood of the 2 girls on my scrubs. I hope she is never able to see them again. She is NO mother, you said it best all she is, is a breeder!!! I’m just glad the 2 girls are safe now and doing better..


    1. April says:

      Hero! Love you. Thanks for commenting! Hugs.


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