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Fictional representation

Fictional representation

Afternoon Jolt: McGinn, The Weekly, and Child Prostitution:

It seems that this past week Seattle mayor Mike McGinn appeared on a local radio show along with Seattle Weekly Editor-In-Chief Mike Seely over the prostitution ads in the Village Voice Media-owned Weekly and

Mr. Seely had this to say about the Weekly and Backpage defending their questionable business practice…

“Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession for a reason. If you’ve got cooperating with law enforcement, you’re a lot better off and the problem will get eradicated a lot more quickly.”

So basically he’s saying that Backpage is doing the world a service by having pimps in traffickers all in one place. Never mind the fact that women and children are being trafficked on their site daily.

Mayor Mike McGinn fired back with some common sense…

“I don’t really think we’re in the business of trying to promote fencing operations for the sale of stolen goods so that it makes it easier to attract burglars, nor do I think we open up other kinds of illegal operations to attract criminals. Our duty is to work to stop” child prostitution, not draw pimps to a particular web site.

I tend to not vote for Democrats however if I lived in Seattle Mayor McGinn would have my vote.

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