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Latoya Jordan

Latoya Jordan

Woman, 24, Arrested In Craigslist Killing:

I’m sure my 5 readers are anxious for me to talk about the most recent murder that the Florida media has dubbed a ‘craigslist killing’ but I don’t think it is.

In Fruit Cove, Florida 24-year-old Latoya Jordan has been arrested for the stabbing murder of 53-year-old Daniel Somerson. Jordan is said to have met Somerson on craigslist. Investigators say that Jordan would use craigslist in order to find places to live where men would take care of her. Supposedly all the relationships she had with these men were strictly platonic. The thing is Jordan met and started living with Somerson two months before she allegedly murdered him. Police say that the murder happened over some type of dispute. In my opinion, this is not a ‘craigslist killing’.

If you look through the annals of this site you’ll see that most of the killings connected with craigslist started out as robberies as shown by the murder of Julissa Brisman by Philip Markoff. Or they were just nuts and bent on killing like Michael John Anderson in the murder of Katherine Ann Olson. My point being is that in these cases craigslist was a direct instrument of the crime. While Mr. Somerson’s death is indeed tragic craigslist was only indirectly involved.

So bottom line, at least on this site, Latoya Jordan will not be considered among the scores of murderers here who are considered craigslist killers.

UPDATE 11/24/2013: Jordan was convicted and sentenced to life.

4 thoughts on “The craigslist killing that isn't

  1. Tim says:

    Just so incredibly wrong.  She was there for a matter of weeks.


  2. Joe99090 says:

    Let’s see.  He placed an ad on Craig’s list for a woman – she killed him after answering the ad, but Craig’s list had nothing to do with it.  OK


    1. 2 months after answering the ad.

      I don’t think she set out to murder him from the start like most craigslist murders. 


    2. KathyK says:

      Trench didn’t say that Craig’s List had “nothing to do with it”, he said it was only indirectly involved and I agree with him.  She had met other men through Craig’s List and lived with them without murdering them, just as she had done with Somerson.  Something happened after about two months that caused the murder. 


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