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Natalie’s story: life as a child prostitute:

This is a great piece from Sara Jean Green of the Seattle Times about a 16-year-old girl who they call Natalie who has been prostituted on the Village Voice Media-owned

As I’m sure you know Seattle has had more than its share with underage girls being found trafficked on Backpage. It’s gotten to the point where Seattle mayor Mike McGinn has gone after Backpage and the Seattle Weekly to change their ways.

Back to the article though. Again this is one of those articles that really needs to be read in its entirety as one of my bad summations will not do it anywhere near the justice it deserves. However, I will give you one quote to make sure that you will read the article…

She lost her virginity to an Everett pimp who raped her soon after she left home the first time. She never knew his name.

This is real people. This is actually happening. It’s not overblown as Village Voice Media would have you believe. Real children are being trafficked in the pages of Village Voice Media publications and Backpage but nothing will change unless you take a stand.

Stand up for freedom and not greed.

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