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Joshua Lifton and Mark Barker

Joshua Lifton and Mark Barker

Watertown man accused of engaging in sexual act with teen:

Watertown man accused of having sex with boy he met on Craigslist:

40-year-old Mark Barker and 31-year-old Joshua M. Lifton are both from Wattertown, New York. No word on if they actually knew each other but they’ve both been arrested for the same crime. They were both arrested in Philadelphia, New York for allegedly having sex with minors (child rape) that they met through craigslist. The victim in both cases was the same underage boy age 15.

Now some of you may say the boy holds some responsibility in this since he was on craigslist but those people are idiots. A 15-year-old in the state of New York can not legally consent to sex, especially the kind of sex that lurks on the casual encounters section of craigslist.

Also to parents out there no child has any business being on craigslist. Check their internet history to make sure they’re not susceptible to predators like this.

UPDATE: Make it three. 30-year-old Jason Harris of Antwerp, New York was arrested in Wattertown for allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old boy he mt through craigslist.

Jason Harris

Jason Harris

2 thoughts on “3 men in same small town accused of meeting minor for sex on craigslist

  1. Why would a kid go on that anyways?


    1. A lot of times the kids are gay but are afraid of people finding out so they reach out to strangers for company. Unfortunately this is what can happen. 


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