Female MySpace predator can’t stay out of jail

Ruth Alvarez
Ruth Alvarez

SW Idaho woman back in jail 3 days after release from prison in MySpace enticement case:

Southwest Idaho woman back in jail 3 days after release:

I originally posted about Ruth Alvarez here. Last year Alvarez was arrested in Idaho for soliciting a 13-year-old boy for sex over MySpace. At the time of my first post, I said that she was looking at 15 years but since she’s female she’d probably get much less than that. I was right.

She was sentenced to only 2 1/2 years and got out after 7 months this past week after completing a “rider program, where she received counseling and treatment”. That’s the politically correct term for saying she took some BS class for sex offenders to get out early.

Anyway, she’s back in jail after only 3 days of being released. Part of her probation was that she couldn’t be in a house with children which investigators say she violated.

While female online predators are rare they are no less dangerous than their male counterparts and should be treated as such. No more joke sentences or classes that they can fake their way through. Send them to jail and keep them there.

2 thoughts on “Female MySpace predator can’t stay out of jail”

  1. I am a few years younger than this woman, and I was propositoned by an 19-year-old last week. All I could say was “Does your mommy know where you are, kid?” Seriously, WTF could you find sexy about a little boy??? If I wanted another kid to raise, I would have one.


  2. Y’know the old saying: “The sauce that cooks the gander will work for the goose.”

    SO’s need to have the same standards of punishment – for there’s no such animal as the ‘lesser evil’ in this group, it’s all the same color!


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