Final suspect in craigslist home invasion murder convicted


Fourth defendant convicted of murder in Craigslist killing:

This past Monday Clabon Berniard was found guilty in the craigslist home invasion murder of James Sanders. If you’ll recall Berniard and 3 of his cohorts shot and killed Mr. Sanders after the victim posted a diamond ring for sale on craigslist in Kirkland, Washington.

Berniard is scheduled to be sentenced on September 9th. His three cohorts all received life sentences or more so I expect Berniard to receive a similar sentence.

Unfortunately none of this will bring Mr. Sanders back to his family but at least justice is being somewhat served.

Another fake cop extorts and assaults backpage prostitute

Leo Driscoll IV

Leo Driscoll IV

Kenner man accused of posing as a cop to extort sex and money from prostitute:

While police were investigating the crimes of the assumed deceased Kylan Laurent they came across another backpage predator.

Police there say that 23-year-old Leo Driscoll IV was posing as a police officer in order to extort money and sex from a backpage prostitute. Isn’t sex through coercion technically rape? Driscoll has been charged with extortion, impersonating an officer and possession of oxycodone but not rape or any kind of sexual assault for some reason. When a prostitute is raped it’s still rape.

With their millions of dollars that they’re allegedly spending what is Village Voice Media doing to protect these women from predators. That answer would be nothing.

Wisconsin pimp trafficked 3 kids on craigslist, traded one


Brown Deer man accused of prostituting 3 minors:

29-year-old Tyrone McMillian, aka ‘HK’ of Brown Deer, Wisconsin has been federally indicted for prostituting three underage girls on craigslist. Two were 17. One was 16 but told McMillan that she was 23. When McMillian found out her real age not only did he keep pimping her out he allegedly gave her to another pimp. That pimp would be the ironman of pimps Todd “King Tut” Carter who is doing his own time for prostituting underage girls on craigslist.

Let’s go over that again. He gave a living breathing human girl to another scumbag who also kept her captive for the most part and sold her for the purposes of sex.

This is real people and it happens every day whether you want to admit or not.

Thanks to Amanda for the tip.

Danielle Black has conviction overturned in father's murder

Danielle Black's perp walk

Danielle Black’s perp walk

Md. court overturns solicitation conviction of teen in father’s 2008 slaying:

Then 16-year-old Danielle Black was convicted and sentenced to 10 years for soliciting the murder of her father. Billy Lee Black was stabbed to death on Halloween morning of 2008 by then 19-year-old Alec Eger. Some say that Danielle Black was a goth kid on the wrong side of the goth scene as many believe she was into drinking blood. Billy Lee Black did not approve of who his daughter was hanging out with so Danielle Black solicited one of her classmates to kill her father. She allegedly made up stories about how her father was abusive to her. The thing is she didn’t solicit the murder from her father’s killer. It’s unknown if Black solicited Eger for the murder of he took it upon himself.

Black’s conviction was overturned last week since the judge presiding over her trial allowed her father’s murder into the trial as evidence. Which I suppose makes sense since the murderer wasn’t actually the guy she solicited, supposedly. However it doesn’t change the fact that she did ask a classmate of her’s to kill her father.

This could not only give Black a new trial but it also could be moved into juvenile court. Black was charged as an adult in her original trial.

Considering she orchestrated such a tale to try to get someone to feel sorry enough for her to kill her father this case should stay in adult court. Again solicitation of murder is a serious charge whereas juvenile court should be reserved for lesser offenses.

Lenny Dykstra chokes up on his bat in front of women he met on craigslist

Lenny Dykstra

Lenny Dykstra

Lenny Dykstra Accused of Exposing Himself to Women He Met on Craigslist:

I used to be a fan of Lenny Dykstra when he played for the Phillies but once he left I didn’t follow him much. From what I understand he’s had his fair share of controversy since then. I think this one tops them all.

Dykstra is accused of exposing himself in his Los Angeles home to several women that he allegedly met on craigslist. It wasn’t any of the usual dark corners of craigslist where Dykstra placed the ad. according to police Dykstra placed an ad on craigslist looking for a housekeeper/personal assistant. Dykstra allegedly told the women that the job would entail massages at which point Dykstra is alleged to have exposed himself. This is one step above the guys who pretend they need their diapers changed.

What’s a matter Lenny? Are you that broke that you can’t find yourself a gold digger?

It just goes to show even if you’re semi-famous you can still be a craigslist creep.

UPDATE 9/8/2011: Dykstra has pleaded not guilty and is looking at a year in county.

UPDATE 4/19/2012: Lenny got nine months in jail and three years probation after pleading no contest. During his probation he’ll be banned from using any social sites including craigslist.

Accused backpage killer kills himself

Kylan Laurent

Kylan Laurent

Kenner Police call bridge jumper suspect in escort’s murder:

In Kenner, Louisiana police believe that 22-year-old Kylan Laurent killed a backpage prostitute named Anita McDonald. They say that Laurent only arranged to meet her to rob and kill her. According to reports Laurent strangled McDonald to death.

This past Tuesday after a high-speed chase with Louisiana State Police, Laurent jumped off the Veterans Memorial Bridge into the Mississippi River and is believed dead.

Laurent may have had even more victims as 22 cell phones allegedly stolen from prostitutes was found in his car and home.

Laurent is not the first backpage killer and as long as Village Voice Media insists on keeping the escort ads there will be many more.

Memphis teacher killer studied knife fighting

Eduardo Marmolejo

Eduardo Marmolejo

Affidavit Reveals Disturbing Details in Principal’s Stabbing:

I was hoping that the affidavit would reveal the motive behind 17-year-old Eduardo Marmolejo stabbing Memphis Junior Academy principal and teacher Suzette York other than the fact that he didn’t like her. What I did find interesting was this.

Marmolejo said he had spent the night prior to the crime sharpening his knife at home, and that he had researched his planning on the internet, the document stated. Investigators believe books and materials on knife fighting and hand-to-hand combat confiscated from the suspect’s home also played a part in his plan.

Seriously? Did he think he was going to have a West Side Story style knife fight with a teacher? However it does go to show that this was more than likely a premeditated murder. Which leads me to believe that charging him as an adult should be a no-brainer.

Serial MySpace rapist sentenced to only 15 years

Jason Ara Erpinar

Jason Ara Erpinar

MySpace Rapist Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison:

I can’t believe it’s been a year and half since I last posted about Ed Grimley’s douchebag cousin. I originally posted about Jason Ara Erpinar of Yorba Linda, California here. He was arrested back in 2009 for raping three women, two of which he met through MySpace. The third was a then 17-year-old girlfriend.

This week he was convicted and sentenced to a mere 15 years. So that’s 5 years per rape for a serial rapist. Another joke sentence.

Erpinar pleased guilty so this was more than likely a plea deal. Either stop making deals or make them with real sentences.

Craigslist nanny charged with child porn

Daniel Cortopassi

Daniel Cortopassi

Detectives: Man charged with owning child pornography ran male nanny ads on Craigslist:

First off who is stupid enough to hire a nanny off of craigslist?

Anyway the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office had been looking for 21-year-old Daniel Cortopassi for three weeks. It seems they had allegedly found 278 child pornography videos on his computer.

Cortopassi is said to have advertised his services as a nanny on craigslist. Just who you want watching your kids huh?

Investigators are concerned that Cortopassi may have been contacted in reference to the male nanny ads. Anyone with information is asked to call the Pinellas Sheriff’s Crimes Against Children Unit at (727) 582-6200.

Once again this shows the kind of predators that are trolling craigslist for victims any way possible.

You call that handsome?

Ernie Tichenor

Ernie Tichenor

Man Accused of Soliciting 13-Year-Old for Sex Online:

Voldemort’s trashy cousin over there is Ernie Tichenor of Fairfax, Virginia. Police say that he allegedly posted ads on craigslist with such titles as “Dominant handsome professor for naughty young student”.

It seems that one if his respondents was a 13-year-old girl that he allegedly had sexual e-mail exchanges with. The girl’s mother found the e-mails and contacted police.

What really disturbs me is that in the comments section for this article there is way too many people who think that child solicitation isn’t a real crime.

However parents should be not allowing their kids to be anywhere near craigslist.