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WA leads nation in parents opting out of vaccines:

If there is going to be a viral pandemic in this country odds are that somewhere in the state of Washington is going to be ground zero. According to a recent study, the Evergreen State leads the country in children not being immunized at 6 percent. That may not seem a lot but it only takes one non-vaccinated child to start a pandemic.

I have a bone to pick with one of the quotes in the article…

“The world has changed,” said Dr. Jack Stephens, a pediatrician at The Everett Clinic. “It used to be the unimmunized child was the child of an economically disadvantaged family with poor access to health care.

“Nowadays, it’s usually well-educated parents of higher social status who do their own independent research and tell you what they’re willing to do.”

I think Dr. Stephens was being politically correct. If I was him I would have said that nowadays it’s parents with too much time on their heads who have bought into the Autism boogeyman. Do I even need to mention that the Autism link has been disproved?

As I’ve said before this is not a matter of choice this is a matter of public safety. Besides would you rather have a child with Autism, if that was even true, or would you rather have a child that was dead from an easily preventable disease.

It’s common sense.

5 thoughts on “Washington state leads the country in idiot parents

  1. Kim Short says:

    Let’s not forget all those Christian Scientists who pray their childrens’ catastophic injuries away.


    1. That’s a whole other rant for a different day. However I will say that I think the parents that fear autism greatly outnumber the Christian Scientists. 


  2. AvaragentChuck says:

    I think people are paranoid. Do I get flu shots? No. Did I get a swine flu shot? No. But when it comes to kids in school, they should. Schools are virus prone. Get it, rather then play catch up after they get sick.


  3. Amanda L Jolly says:

    This makes me so sad. This is my first visit to this sight in about 4 years. A career change took from a desk to a public relations position. No down time at a comouter anymore. Regardless… I love this sight. We have had many discusions and always agreed…however… Not so much here. Im sorry..dont judge. Please consider… Its not so much the vaccination concept that i disagree with. I find it absolutely mandatory….but unfortunetely…as with everything else the quality standards and regulations are non exsistant. I am 34 years old…and things like add adhd and autism were next to non exsistant when i was growing up and believe that the first 2 are stil somewhat bs. Its the chemicals..the poisons, the heavy metals, the horrible mess that they are making these vaccines with now causing so many things that were never even heard of until recent years. Its is pure evil. I believe its intentional to an extent also. I guess its a “they just dont make them like they used to” on a much larger scale. Buts its not just the vaccines…its the food and the processing and the injecting and the hormones and the antibiotics…blah blah…i know u have heard it all before but u can really link it all together without scientific anything. Just some.common sense. Last part not directed at u personally…everyone needs to stop putting all our little trust eggs n one basket. We need to think for ourselves and form our own opinions. Vaccines for me…yes but not the way they are manufacturing them present day.


    1. mena says:

      Not sure how that named ended up on my post…but its Mena. Please dont blast me with a gazillion scientific studies…i know. Sometimes its beyond that.


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