AZ Juggalo charged as Facebook kiddie toucher


Timothy Lowe

Timothy Lowe Arrested for Sexual Exploitation of a Minor:

To me, there are two kinds of Juggalo criminals. There are the ones who are actual gang members committing violent crimes and then there are guys like 22-year-old Timothy Lowe of Arizona City, Arizona. Lowe has been arrested for allegedly having sexual contact with a 16-year-old girl and got her to send him explicit pictures through Facebook. The age of consent in AZ is 18 and did I mention that the girl is a special needs child?

Lowe supposedly told police that not only did he know the girl’s age but that he also had sex (child rape) with two other underage girls that he met on Facebook.

I found out that he’s a Juggalo by a stroke of luck. I did something I haven’t done in a long time. I actually went to his Facebook profile. I won’t post a link to it because I don’t think his family and friends should be harassed for something he may or may not have done. Anyway, while there I came across this picture.


Just one of many of him in full Juggalo regalia.

I think I know why some Juggalos go for underage girls. I think it’s because of most ICP fans probably grow out of the face painting in crap by the time they reach 18 so they can get women their own age. The ones who don’t grow up need to go after little girls who still think it’s cool.


  1. this has to come to light everywhere tim is a special needs adult what he done is not condoned he was in special classes in school all his childhood when he became a adult he was in group home assisted living he owned no GUNS the ones he had were paint and air soft guns as I stated he is Special Needs what he did is wrong but they are not protecting him at all the swat team blew up the home destroying doors almost killing 3 small children one only 11 month old a 4 year old and a 7 year old he was not even home as of now I see alot of comments all over the internet about him being a sick Adult but nowhere does it show he has a mind of a 15 year old why do you think he confessed without a lawyer its because he doesn’t understand…


      • i am his step father i was home what i said above i know for a fact it was not published about the swat team or that tim was not home at the time so where exactly do I sound special needs at?People that don’t learn facts like to throw stones.


        • The fact that you first comment was completely devoid of punctuation and was one garbled up run on sentence. 

          Even at the age of 15 people know that not breaking the law will keep the SWAT team out of your house. 


          • you forget swat team was not needed 3 small childrens life were in danger because of lack of investigative work from detectives that had no idea small children were living in the home.No search warrant was even ever handed to me and I asked many of times they said they did not need to give me one.Thousands of dollars of damage occurred to my home my children lost a pet due to excessive force used to gain entry when a flash bang went off that could have been one of my children  and yes a 15 year old may know not to break the law but detectives are supposed to know how to do a proper investigation before using deadly force as they did!My children are having nightmares from this they got to victimize 3 children but its ok for them to do that all for a developmentally challenged boy.They could have knocked on the door and done there research on tims records seen he was in special education all his life was in assisted living programs but they still haven’t done that its all how you word the story to them.


          • Here’s the thing. To quote Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive “I don’t care.”

            I don’t care what happened with the SWAT team. By bitching about what allegedly happened with the SWAT team is nothing more than you trying to change the subject from your alleged child toucher of a step-son. 


          • point and case, your “child” associated with a gang, and from the sounds of it, you did nothing to guide him in the right direction. you act as if he needs 24/7 assistance, but where did you mention in your defense that you attempted to teach him right from wrong?


  2. Gee I am sorry. Maybe the cops should stop, take the seconds it takes to figure out if that gun is real. Hope and pray it’s not. Then react to the threat. Even at 15 years old. I knew better then to point something that looks like a gun a a cop.


    • In those seconds to see if the gun was real or not they put their own life in jeopardy.


  3. I would not even engage him Mr.Reynolds You and I both know when an SWAT or ERT team has to make a Dynamic entry to a building it’s because they have received information it’s needed. The gentle man could have the mind of a 15 years old. Upon entry the whole team is yelling “Police search Warrant” Along with ” Get down”. At 15 he should know how to follow directions.


  4. yup and you dont care he is developmentally disabled correct throw him in the electric chair tell him its a Disneyland ride as they light him up correct you know nothing but you read HE WAS NOT HOME.He is mentally disabled that is the bottom line there get a clue you call yourself a informer/reporter but where are your facts from? I guess 2nd hand and you dont know what to do with first hand other then throw stones correct?


  5. &lt——Ex seal and law enforcement BTW!He was not home crucial intel in the warrant if they done there investigation correctly the entry would not be warranted and unjust without a public or enforcement threat just lack of investigative work!


  6. I bet you want to be one of the ones showing up at my doorstep looking for tim being met buy my .45 asking where he is and its fact he is in jail still correct?


  7. first of all, Ex Seal and law enforcement my shiny metal ass.  you’d never get past the grammar part of the entrance exam for either one, so stfu about that.

    if you really are “law enforcement”, you of all people should know that a SWAT or ERT team is not going to give a rat’s ass whether he’s home or not.  they’re going to do what they were sent to do.  and i find it hard to believe that if you are “law enforcement” those teams didn’t know that and show some professional courtesy if you indeed did cooperate with their orders.  it just doesn’t add up.  and i have not a single doubt that if someone showed up to arrest him and was “met buy your .45” (dear God, your spelling is appalling!) you would be full of holes in the morgue rather spewing bullshit online.

    no one is saying they want to see him put to death.  as a parent, i honestly do feel bad for what your three younger children
    are going through.  i can’t begin to imagine how traumatized they are. 
    but the bottom line is they wouldn’t be going through this if Tim
    hadn’t allegedly committed a crime.


    • hello there come to my home and try asking for tim and see what happens as for spelling do you think I care about grammar buy a clue the PCSO had no idea children were here understand or is that a bad concept for you to grasp tim had no weapons there were no just causes to use swat to gain entry in the manner they had done a simple background check would have shown the occupants in the home and the credentials of the owner witch in fact is me that would have brought to light all weapons in the home that are registered to me only and legally background of all occupants would have been brought to light ect military and enforcement background along with criminal history that no one in the home has and a crucial part would have been brought into the mix and that is of the mindset of Tim along with all the records of his mental disability’s.Did you know that before a warrant is served intel is done to make sure that the suspect is in the home there are no children that will be brought into danger ,they know exactly who is in the home and where they are in the home the most ideal thing is to get the suspect outside the home.They done none of that at all because if they done there intel they would have seen Tim leave less then 45 minuter earlier and have known that 3 small children were in the home so unless you know protacal  on a warrant also btw no warrant was ever given to me although I demanded one from the first second they entered the home this is not over with PCSO they did not seize any of my weapons either so come on by for a chat will see who is full of holes.Trained Vs A babbling Idiot that don’t know there but from a hole in the ground its funny looking at people that have no clue the things that are supposed to be done before a warrant is served on a home and then blindly comment do your homework little child and leave the litigation to the adults!also as you can see the previous comments were sent by me via smart phone.class was 025 88


    • and btw tard I said if some comes looking for Tim here again they will be met by my .45 because he is in jail duh read the comment fully next time and yes I did have my .45 in hand when swat smashed through the door but as soon as they announced themselves as swat I threw the .45 down as I do not violate the law and is my right to posses a weapon that I carry legally at all times I have already had numerous people come looking for Tim here and they all were met buy either my .45 or wife’s so you may want to process this in you mind that no one has any right looking for Tim here he is in jail they can look for him there unless they have a death wish I will continue to protect my home and children with deadly force here for anyone that wishes harm on this household end of story we will continue to work with law enforcement on this matter anyone else is not welcomed at my home! 


      • didn’t you have to surrender your weapons yet?
        Where are the rest of your step-kids?


  8. OMG A frickin peddophile clown , realy? No wonder people are scarred of clowns they want to touch peoples special underage kids.  ICP is for a bunch of trailer park kids with no lives any ways so its pretty easy to say the guy/kid is srewed in the head anyways. ICP doesnt make any real music and they have people follwing them like they are a weird queer clown cult.  Not that surprised that one of the “juggalos” is a kiddie toucher as ICP is so weird so there fans have to be 10 times weirder. I am surprised that there hasnt been more of the homo sexual tendency having “juggalos” in the media for playing with little kids, I mean really adults painting there faces and saying pretty messed up shit to a underage fan base of little kids and people wonder why kids like this do stuff like this.  Lowe changed the meaning of ICP to Incarcerated on Child Porn.  Thats a good brand for icp to be attached to.


  9. i dont think that anyone should judge him for what he did its not like there arnt people out there doing the samething its not like his haveing sex with a 5 year old or anything and about the facepaint thing i paint my face all the time im 20 years old and my gf is older then me so thats a loud of bullshit just sayin whoop whoop


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