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 Demetrius Darnell Homer

Demetrius Darnell Homer

Atlanta man arrested, pregnant teen forced to work as prostitute:

Atlanta Man Sentenced for Sex Trafficking of Minors:

Atlanta has had a child prostitution problem for a long time now. Former mayor Shirley Franklin even admitted as much in her campaign to try to rid Atlanta of the problem. Now there’s one less child pimp on the streets of the city of Peaches.

30-year-old Demetrius Darnell Homer, aka “Cateye”, was sentenced this week to twenty years in federal prison for prostituting underage girls on the Village Voice Media-owned

One of the girls he turned out was 14-years-old who he not only impregnated but would beat her and use a TASER on her to get her to work.

He’s also been ordered to pay restitution to the victim in the amount of $63K, which is nowhere near enough that she deserves, and he’ll have a lifetime of supervised release.

Is this the freedom of speech that you’re standing up for Village Voice Media? The freedom for pimps to beat their underage slaves into working while they’re pregnant?

I’m old enough to remember when the Village Voice would stand up for those who couldn’t defend themselves. Now all they care about is the money they’re making the backs off of these child sex slaves that are advertised in their publications and on their websites.

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