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Darrin Daily

Darrin Daily

Craigslist sex abuser gets 40 years:

I originally posted about Darrin Daily here and here. He’s the filthy scum who was caught running a child sex ring on craigslist in Newberg, Oregon. In his little circle, Daily and his cronies would have sex (child rape) with kids as young as 4 and would sometimes force the kids to have sex with his dog. Daily would recruit new members for his group on craigslist.

This week he pleaded to the charges against him. The plea deal allowed him to be sentenced from 20 to 40 years, His attorney argued that he should only get 20 because “Daily would be amenable to sex offender treatment if freed at 64.” Are you shitting me? This guy runs a child porn and rape ring that involved bestiality and a lawyer has the balls to say that he’d be amenable to treatment? There is only one treatment for dregs like this if you ask me and it comes in several calibers.

Thankfully the judge gave him the max of 40 years. Not only that he’s not eligible for any kind of sentencing reduction program. If Daily lives to see the end of his sentence he’ll be 84 when he gets out.

I guess I don’t have to tell you that if craigslist moderated its casual encounters section or allowed a third-party company to monitor the ads this wouldn’t be an issue.

7 thoughts on “Darrin Daily sentenced for craigslist child and animal sex ring

  1. Charles S. says:

    So 40 years? So chances are he might serve less then half of that? Where are the animal rights people? 40 yeas will be nothing to this scum. Chances are he’ll learn how to do it and not get caught. Only good part that is good on this, is the fact that chomos are hated as much as cops in prison.


    1. The impression I got from the article was that he would be serving the entire sentence. 


  2. WouldRatherBEAnonPlease says:

    Darrin or as I remember him ‘Unicorn’ used to run a bbs in the 503/541 area which can be found here: – 15 years ago when I was 13/14 he harassed me online. He followed me after school, showed up at my school, said gross things to me online, and exposed his penis while I was swimming at a lake with my friend and family. He happened to be dating my friends mom at the time and then I found out he was the same guy who talked to me when I called BBS’s (they were dial up ‘boards’ before the internet). This guy is scum, was scum back then and will always be scum. Him being in jail isn’t enough ..I hate him. What a filthy SOB.


  3. Goodywolfrules says:

    What most don’t know is the one teen Darrin raped is so
    messed up and her own family has done very little to help her. She now is
    living out of state with a relative. 
    This girl will never live a normal life and if she keeps going the way
    she is now she will be in prison herself.

    Darrin destroyed these girls lives and should have been put
    to death.


    1. Thank you for your comment. 

      We need more people like you speaking out for the victims instead of some of the people we get making excuses for the sexual predators. 


      1. RatherBeAnonThanks says:

        WHO is making excuses for this man? He is an AWFUL, AWFUL person. As I posted before about this mans disgusting behavior he has ruined so many lives. Including my own! This is the first time this piece of shit has been caught. I wonder how many other girls are out there that have not come forward or who can’t because they are no longer alive. I am positive there are crimes in which he has not been charged with.


        1. I meant in general. Across all 3 of my websites you’d be surprised how many people defend sexual predators like this. 


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