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Sad Clown and The Clown of Many Chins (Ronald and Tammy White)

Cops: Ronald & Tammy White locked blind, mentally handicapped adopted son in cage:

Spring Hill mom accused of abusing teenage son:

Ok kids, get out your scratch paper and your #2 pencils. It’s time to do a little trailer math. In this case the term trailer is more of a state of mind than an actual dwelling.

When Ronald and Tammy White lived in Georgia they managed to rack up over $150K in debt and twice declared bankruptcy. They also defaulted on both bankruptcies because they couldn’t make their pre-arranged payments. They adopted 3 teenage children which according to most reports would have netted them close to $18K a year. Now X equals why did they adopt the kids? Give me the answer and don’t forget to show your work.

Now I believe X equals they adopted teens in order to collect the benefits that the state of Georgia would have allowed them because at least one of them they allegedly didn’t take very good care of to say the least.

It seems that the Whites moved to Florida with their three adopted children. Recently they were arrested for basically water torturing their blind and mentally handicapped 16-year-old son. Police say that not only did the boy receive the stereotypical beatings at the hands of Ronald White but he was also forced to drink gallons of water as punishment then not allowed to use the bathroom.

Because of that police say the boy’s body began to shut down and he was found unresponsive on the bathroom floor dying of sepsis. Luckily he is recovering and all 3 children were removed from their Spring Hill home by DCF.

At last report it was still unclear if they were still receiving payments from either Georgia or Florida.

Whenever I see these stories about adoptive or foster Breeders who are just in it for the money I often have to wonder if it would be cheaper just to take care of the children they’ve allowed in their homes instead of going to these long and drawn out ways of abusing their kids. Not to mention for an adoptee being adopted is supposed to be a time of them being saved from a life without a family and not being thrust into an even worse situation because two assclowns can’t manage their finances.

How did two people like this even manage to adopt three children when for most people looking to adopt it costs them thousands of dollars? I understand that an incentive needs to be made for people to adopt older or special needs children but obviously there needs to be a better screening process. If I was a worker at whatever agency they got the children from two defaulted bankruptcies would have been a red flag that they could be adopting the children just for the money.

Anyway, these two assclowns should have their urinary tracts surgically sewn shut then forced to drink as many gallons of water as possible until they friggin’ burst. They deserve no less.

Thanks to Marcy for the tip.

27 thoughts on “Adoptive Florida Breeders water tortured blind handicapped son

  1. Jadecrowe says:

    if they were receiving state payments, those kids weren’t adopted.  that would be the foster system which, unfortunately, isn’t monitored any better than most adoption systems. 

    and yeah, neither one of them look strung out or anything.  dear God…


    1. Some states give incentives for adopting older children and all reports said they were adopted. 


      1. Jadecrowe says:

        really?  i had never heard that.  it’s a shame that people have to be essentially bribed to adopt an older child.   either way, these two wastes of oxygen need killed.


        1. Unfortunately I’ve heard of it all too often. 


  2. Anonymous says:

    I try to be tough and all, but I can’t get past this. I am in such a fit of rage over all of these lowlife pieces of shit being paid to further victimize children that just want to be loved and accepted. How hard is it to take the time to feed, clothe, bathe, and maybe even be a role model? What half-ass psychological testing did these things pass?! I’m pretty sure that the homeless bag lady down the street would have afforded these kids more opportunity to feel safe and loved. Poor kids are in my prayers.


  3. Anonymous says:

    They may have been adopted through the foster program, but then the question remains of how did they get into the foster system in the first place to be considered to adopt foster children? Two defaulted bankruptcies should have been a huge red flag


  4. I have to stop going on this page while I am eating…. tacos anyone? 


      1. I had both, my daughter wanted crunchy and my son is 2 so we had to have soft too! Take mine, I cant eat them now! 


  5. Susan Moore says:

    As an adopted child this always hits home hard and rips my heart out. My mother had issues and was abusive emotionally, verbally, mentally, and at times physically. The abuse eventually ended, but I don’t understand why people do this. I will never understand. It takes all I have to not hunt down each and every bad breeder on here, and torture them and kill them as I see fit.


    1. Risskia says:

      Well, why waste all that will-power?  I wish I could join you in a vigilantistic crusade of gargantuan proportions. 


      1. Susan Moore says:

        I seriously waste the will power because I have children of my own, and I am not going to make them lose me to that. They don’t need to visit mommy in prison, and I don’t want to be without them.


        1. Risskia says:

          Oh, I know, I know.  I also have a wonderful little son whom I’m protecting (or trying to protect) from a bad breeder sitch of my own.  But fantasies are nice.

          This is why i don’t work CPS.  I care about theissue, I love children intensely, but I’d walk into my first house, find my first toddler with a fractured something or other, and then there would just be a bloodbath.


  6. Carrie says:

    It’s horrible how people abuse the system.  Here in California, once adopted, you can’t make money off the system, except if they are special needs  and then they can claim disability benefits, but a lot of people here are only in the foster care system to make money.  


  7. Shadyhellyeah says:

    As you all may know, the system is completely screwed up in the south.
    When I lived in Birmingham, Alabama, a girl I friended down there was being investigated on the accusation that she did drugs around her children. She didn’t do drugs, btw. She fully cooperated with dcfs, and they still took her children because on one particular visit there was a dirty diaper on the changing table (which she had JUST changed) under the claim that her home was filthy. Yet the neighbor next door had five children and was always at the bar leaving her kids alone for hours. Why do the good parents get hassled and the terrible ones given more chances than they deserve?


  8. Risskia says:

    Ok.  I know that I want to fost-adopt.  I’m young, so I won’t be taking older kids (at 33, I don’t think I shoudl take any older than 10).   But I must be insane – see, my theory is that the monies a foster-adoptive family receives wthteh child is, oh, meant for the care of the child?  I mean…IS it just me?


  9. Lucy Van Pelt says:

    Soooo you have to have good credit to get insurance, and some jobs now.  But you can declare bankruptcy TWICE and default on the bankruptcy, showing you are incompetent with money, and yet you can adopt children, no problem.  SMH.


    1. Ashnallen4eva says:

      Its floriduh!!! They let some things slide here that are just completly off the wall in your face wrong, even a young child would look at you and ask mommy is that right?? And the fact that floridumb is as cash strapped as it is (I’m saying florida because I’m guessing thats probably where they picked up there benifits, if not cash for the adoption they def got benifits and possibly welfare.) That they wouldn’t look a little closer at where the money was going is classic florida! The hungerier the low life are for money the more they tend to get, seeing as florida is a DCF defunk and all around just a lazy I don’t give a fuck state I’m not surprised, and that these two inbred looking somethings will prob. get off with hardly any real time would not surprise me either.. You see florida prison are overcrowded too…


  10. Shadyhellyeah says:

    I make more a year sitting on my ass just driving than these sister-brother cousins did being foster monsters.



    1. April says:

      You DO know that I love you, right?


  11. Mercedes G says:

    This is what is wrong with “the system”, kids get placed and many times the homes they are placed in aren’t the best place for them.  There are good foster/adoptive homes out there but there are plenty of bad ones too because the system is filled with kids that need somewhere to go.  Everytime I read of a home where kids are taken in because the foster/adoptive family will get more money and then abused it brings tears to my eyes.  More background checking needs to be done on these homes before they are allowed to take kids in especially those kids who suffer from disabilities and can’t always speak for themselves.


  12. Anonymous says:

    Like the kid didn’t have enough going on in his life? 


  13. someone who knows. says:

    Some of the information in this article is incorrect. When Ron and Tammy moved to FL, they did not move with all 3 children. They only had 2 of them. They left the oldest back in GA. I know this for a fact. All of the news articles, and all the broad casts state that when the moved to FL they had all three children. I believe you need to get all your facts straight before you do any reporting.


    1. Artistjams says:

      Shut it! 2 kids or 3 kids….they shouldn’t have had ANY kids. The important fact was straight before any reporting was done…that is: These two ugly mugs tortured and almost killed a child, a handicapped child at that!

      And if that’s the fact you want to get straight from this whole situation, maybe someone should come and investigate YOUR home to make sure there are no tortured, near death children laying in your bathroom floor!


    2. Angel says:

      Let me get this straight…… You read the entire article above, and the only thing you could find worth commenting on was that we got the number of children wrong? Really? REALLY?!?! *shakes head*

      In response to this:
      ” I believe you need to get all your facts straight before you do any reporting.”…..
      I believe you need to get a freakin’ life and quit trying to defend the indefensible. You are not very good at it. First, we are not reporters – we are bloggers, so we are not reporting – we are blogging.  Second, your ‘facts’ have absolutely nothing to do with the point of this story.  The issue at hand is the abuse of a special needs child – not how many kids they took to FL.  Sounds like you may have some ‘special needs’ of your own….


  14. Angel says:

    Update: Apparently abusing his ‘own’ kids wasn’t enough.  Sad clown up there has also been accused of raping a 13-year old girl at the Ronald McDonald house they stayed at while his son was in the hospital recovering  from the water torture.  Allegedly, there were multiple instances of rape….

    I REALLY hope they fry this bastard!


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