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Bobby Childress and Savannah McGill

Bobby Childress and Savannah McGill

Online search leads police to alleged prostitution ring:

Police arrest man and woman in alleged prostitution ring involving minor:

Unfortunately, this is becoming all too routine. Pretty soon I’ll have a standard template for these stories and will only have to insert the names and locations.

Anyway in Lubbock, Texas police have arrested 37-year-old Bobby Childress and 24-year-old Savannah McGill for allegedly running a prostitution ring that involved teenagers. Since you’re reading this here you probably already know that police say they were using the Village Voice Media-owned to do so.

The girl was a 16-year-old runaway when she first met Childress who supposedly made her call him ‘Daddy’. I never get any less disgusted when I type that.

The ring was discovered while police were conducting Backpage stings. The girl was being advertised on Backpage in suggestive photos and nude photos of her were found on McGill’s computer. When police raided McGill’s place the girl was found in a closet. Whether she was hiding there on her own volition or was instructed to do so is unknown.

Apparently, the alleged millions that Village Voice Media is spending on the so-called reviewing of ads are going to waste since it’s not stopping child prostitution from happening on their sites. That is if they’re actually spending money for that purpose. I would bet it’s more like they’re spending money on lawyers to keep their asses out of court.

One thought on “Lubbock pair accused of backpage child prostitution

  1. Justalubbockguy says:

    It was (1) underage girl… who the black pimp recruited.  The other woman was recruited at age 19 by the same black pimp – both ladies comes from weak family backgrounds.  The black pimp has a long arrest record according to the Lubbock newspaper and found vulnerable, poor young women to take advantage of (manipulate.)  Ms McGill is probably as much a victim as the minor age girl.  I would like to point out something – in the state of Alaska the age of consent is 16 (not 18) and in Nevada prostitution is legalized (also in Canada and Mexico).  I am as much interested in protecting minor aged children but I think Ms McGill is more of a victim than an accomplice – the pimp I hope he spends life in prison.


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