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What a fake cop's badge may look like. (Unrelated to story)

What a fake cop’s badge may look like. (Unrelated to story)

Charge: Fake cop raped child prostitutes hired off Backpage:

26-year-old Julian Daniel Tarver spent roughly five years in jail for a string of arson and child pornography. This time last year he was arrested for allegedly impersonating a Seattle police officer in order to rape a prostitute. Further investigations turned up that he may have raped two child prostitutes using the same m.o.

Care to take a guess where he found the two child prostitutes? Go ahead, take a guess. The answer may surprise you.

Actually, no it won’t. Police say that Tarver found the girls on the Village Voice Media owned Both girls were only 15-years-old.

So not only is backpage making money off of the trafficking of children they’re making money off of the rape of children. Then again the two go hand in hand since any underage girl being turned out is being raped every time she turns a trick.

To Village Voice Media, instead of trying to spin this with PR how about doing the decent thing and just shut the adult sections down? You’ll forgive me if I don’t hold my breath.

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