Socastee shooter sentenced

Christian Helms

Christian Helms

Former Socastee High student sentenced to six years for shooting:

Even though 15-year-old Christian Helms was charged as an adult in the attempted murder of his school’s resource officer he received a juvenile-like sentence of 6 years.

If you’ll recall Helms brought a gun to Socastee High School in South Carolina and shot at the school’s resource officer at point-blank rage. Luckily Officer Erik Karney was not struck and was able to subdue Helms.

So for that Helms only gets 6 years with time served. He’ll be held at a juvenile facility until he’s 17. He’ll also have 4 years probation and if he violates it he’ll be sent to jail for another 5 years. Considering he was looking at 60 years this is a joke.

Apparently the judge bought the boo hoo bullying story and not the fact that Helms is a gun and violence obsessed nut. Did they not see his twitter page where he talked about guns, pipe bombs, Molotov cocktails and swastikas?

To receive only 1/10 of the max sentence is a slap in the face to Officer Karney.


  1. You should do stand up. You’re too funny to be wasting your time on articles that barely anyone reads


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