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Christian Helms

Christian Helms

Student on hit list: Helms’ sentence “ridiculous”:

One of the students named on Christian Helms’ hit list has a problem with the six-year sentence he received and I can’t say that I blame him.

The student, who I’m not going to name, says that it’s funny that Helms’ claimed bullying as the reason for the shooting considering the kid on the hit list has a cleft palate and is bullied himself. The student says he didn’t even know Helms all that well and had little interaction with him. The student is also worried about what’s going to happen when Helms is released in six years at the age of 21.

About the sentence the student’s father put it best…

“What Judge Cooper has done with this sentence is he has shown that he places more value upon the attempted rehabilitation of a Columbine-loving, Columbine-admiring evil vicious kid, he places more value upon that, than he does on the lives and the safety of the 13 children that were on that hit list,”

“The only regret that is in Chris Helms’ mind right now is the regret he didn’t get to kill the people he wanted to kill.”

Previously I said that the sentence was a slap in the face to Officer Erik Karney who Helms fired at and barely missed. I should also add that it’s also a slap in the face to not only to the kids that were on the hit list but to their families as well since they’ll have the threat of Helms hanging over their heads in six years.

UPDATE: This article has copies of some of his journal entries. He’s just another Columbine obsessed mutant and he’s not going to be any better once he’s out. And the reasons he placed people on his hit list is so petty and selfish it can’t even be called ‘high schoolish’.

UPDATE II: According to this article Helms ‘regrets’ the shooting and says that he doesn’t know why he did it. The fact that he’s a Columbine worshiping mutant may have had something to do with it. Also, his parents believe that the gun went off by accident in the scuffle with Officer Erik Karney. So he’s got them fooled.

What I found most interesting about that article is that one of the commenters posted a link that showed that Helms’ family have a history in law enforcement which could go a long way to show why his sentence was so light.

4 thoughts on “Student on hit list criticizes Socastee sentence

  1. *sigh* News like this brings the longing of back in the day punishment…where chain gangs were actually chain gangs and prison sentences were long. Death row wasn’t a long ass wait either. Not too long ago justice was served by ‘a strong rope and a big oak tree – hangin’ ’em high for all’ to see as that song goes “Whiskey For My Men, Beer For My Horses” by Toby Keith and Willie Nelson.


    1. Preachin’ to the choir. 


      1. My apologies, but at least you know you’re not the only one thinkin’ the same thing. *blush*


        1. No need to apologize. Just letting you know that I agree. : ) 


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