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Henry Douglas

Henry Douglas

Cops: Woman held, forced into prostitution:

Police in Albany, New York have arrested 42-year-old Henry Douglas and 19-year-old Ciara Miller for allegedly holding a woman captive and forcing her into prostitution on the Village Voice Media owned

Police say that the victim was a friend of Miller’s and thought the pair was going out to party. Instead she took the woman to Douglas at a hotel room where she was held captive and was advertised for prostitution by Douglas on backpage. Douglas allegedly threatened the woman with violence if she did not comply and also threatened to kill her family. So much for consenting adults huh?

So while Village Voice Media pays lip service that they’re spending millions of dollars to combat the trafficking of children, allegedly, what are they doing to prevent victims like this being held against their will and being peddled on backpage? Oh, that’s right. Nothing.

The only way to combat that would be to shut down the adult sections which they’re obviously not going to do since the money made from that is more than likely propping up their failing company.

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