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Attorney met women on Craigslist, sexually assaulted them, prosecutors say:

Rape case against rough San Francisco lawyer faces obstacles:

50-year-old Robert Michael Hoffman of San Francisco is a lawyer whose firm specializes in workplace sexual harassment. Apparently, this scumbag was arrested by the Irony Police because he has been charged in the brutal rapes of several women that he met on craigslist.

Police say that Hoffman placed ads on the craigslist personals saying that the women should be expected to be dominated, beaten and made to cry.

An ad posted in June stated, in part, “I want you, I want to hit you, I want you to cry,” court documents show. “I want you to be scared of me sometimes.”

Other ads told women who agreed to meet him they would be pulled to the knees by their hair, slapped, degraded and humiliated.

Of course, he is arguing that the sex was consensual.

Three women have come forward saying that Hoffman raped them including a 19-year-old woman who claims she was brutally raped and beaten by Hoffman.

A rapist is always to blame in cases like this but ladies please use some common sense. Craigslist personals are just filled with sexual predators like this. It doesn’t matter if they’re lawyers, doctors or even cops. Anonymous hookups on craigslist is just leaving yourself open for a world of trouble. Please heed my words and don’t be a victim.

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