Accused backpage killer kills himself

Kylan Laurent

Kylan Laurent

Kenner Police call bridge jumper suspect in escort’s murder:

In Kenner, Louisiana police believe that 22-year-old Kylan Laurent killed a backpage prostitute named Anita McDonald. They say that Laurent only arranged to meet her to rob and kill her. According to reports Laurent strangled McDonald to death.

This past Tuesday after a high-speed chase with Louisiana State Police, Laurent jumped off the Veterans Memorial Bridge into the Mississippi River and is believed dead.

Laurent may have had even more victims as 22 cell phones allegedly stolen from prostitutes was found in his car and home.

Laurent is not the first backpage killer and as long as Village Voice Media insists on keeping the escort ads there will be many more.

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  1. Steve

    wow, not every day you can say the trash took ITSELF out. He looks like some pimply tweaked out mess.  hope his brain made a cake on the cement where he landed.

  2. Dontknowy

    He was not a drug addict, and he landed in the water! Don’t know why he did it, but I knew him and he def had me fooled. I def learned a lesson from this, and that is TRUST NO ONE!

  3. Freeblacks

    Same here!  Don’t know what happened to Vacherie.  I know there are some bad special education people there now since we’ve moved, but when those kids are doing that as well as some young adults who have done the same crime in the past, you wonder, What’s wrong with them?

    I guess some witch doctors or voodoo priestesses off Franklin or Highway caused the people to go berserk and do those types of crimes.

  4. william

    Kylan Laurent! another piece of human shit did exactly what I have argued for and flushed himself away in the Mississippi River!


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