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Danielle Black's perp walk

Danielle Black’s perp walk

Md. court overturns solicitation conviction of teen in father’s 2008 slaying:

Then 16-year-old Danielle Black was convicted and sentenced to 10 years for soliciting the murder of her father. Billy Lee Black was stabbed to death on Halloween morning of 2008 by then 19-year-old Alec Eger. Some say that Danielle Black was a goth kid on the wrong side of the goth scene as many believe she was into drinking blood. Billy Lee Black did not approve of who his daughter was hanging out with so Danielle Black solicited one of her classmates to kill her father. She allegedly made up stories about how her father was abusive to her. The thing is she didn’t solicit the murder from her father’s killer. It’s unknown if Black solicited Eger for the murder of he took it upon himself.

Black’s conviction was overturned last week since the judge presiding over her trial allowed her father’s murder into the trial as evidence. Which I suppose makes sense since the murderer wasn’t actually the guy she solicited, supposedly. However, it doesn’t change the fact that she did ask a classmate of her’s to kill her father.

This could not only give Black a new trial but it also could be moved into juvenile court. Black was charged as an adult in her original trial.

Considering she orchestrated such a tale to try to get someone to feel sorry enough for her to kill her father this case should stay in adult court. Again solicitation of murder is a serious charge whereas juvenile court should be reserved for lesser offenses.

8 thoughts on “Danielle Black has conviction overturned in father's murder

  1. Donna Fernstrom says:

    Juvenile court should be reserved for juveniles…kids don’t suddenly turn into adults because they did something heinous.


  2. So a 16-year-old gang banger who kills 3 people in a drive by should be given a pat on the head and a time out or does your supposition only apply to white kids?


  3. shmoo says:

    well Trench the gang banger killer 3 people Dani didnt kill anyone 


    1. shmoo says:

      killed sorry


      1. The point that the other commenter was making was that no juvenile should ever be charged as an adult. 

        And in my opinion if you solicit the murder of your father and he ends up murdered then you should be charged as an adult. 


        1. bradb4ku says:

          Totally agree. Not sure why Donna thinks these savages get a pass because of their age. Teenagers are old enough to know right from wrong, she deserves life.


  4. RadioChuck says:

    Looks like Ms. Black, recieved a suspended sentence of life in Jan. 2012, and will only have to do 6 years:


  5. allwhitewithme says:

    Why does it always have to be about race, Trench? Besides, her last name is Black.


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