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Joseph A. Bozen

Joseph A. Bozen

Orland Park man charged with soliciting sex from minors:

27-year-old Joseph A. Bozen of Orland Park, Illinois has been arrested for allegedly soliciting two teenage girls for sex over Facebook and Skype.

For those parents who are still using Internet Explorer 6 on Windows 98 with Bonzi Buddy, Skype is what’s known as a VOIP software. It allows people to basically make phone calls to other computers. If the computer is equipped with a webcam it allows the users to make video calls as well.

Bozen allegedly used both services to solicit sex from a 15 and 16-year-old girl. Bozen met the New Lenox, IL girls online through mutual Facebook friends.

For once we should not be hearing the excuse that Bozen didn’t know their true ages

“He was definitely sending messages of an inappropriate nature,” Detective Sgt Pete Nelson said, adding, “He was fully aware of their ages.”

I’m not saying that we won’t hear it but we shouldn’t.

Bozen was busted when one of the girls’ parents found the explicit messages. No face to face contact ever happened say police.

As far as Skype goes it’s a really useful program however much like webcams it should not be used by kids on unmonitored computers.

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