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Mt Orab man indicted for sexual offenses:

66-year-old James Little of Mount Orab, Ohio has been indicted on charges of soliciting teens for sex. Is it me or does Mount Orab sound like a Children of the Corn type town? But I digress…

Little is said to have solicited sex from two teens that are 14-years-old. Allegedly he did so through MySpace, Facebook, and the teens’ cell phones.

Not surprisingly Little is a sex offender. In 2001 he was convicted in Florida on 3 counts of performing a lewd assault on a child. He only got a year and a half. Because you know that 18 months in prison will cure any pedophile.

Luckily the kids’ parents were the type of parents to check up on their kids’ online activities or these kids may have been molested.

Once again I have some common-sense advice for parents and it’s one I haven’t said in quite some time. Always check your kids’ social networking profiles to make sure that they’re not posting their cell phone numbers online. It can only invite harassment and predators.

2 thoughts on “Ohio man indicted for soliciting teens through MySpace, Facebook and cell phones

  1. rebdomine says:

    woah wtf is the deal with all the online predators suddenly popping up… i mean they did a little before, but now it’s like a new one everyday . 

    This should be common knowledge, but heres tha reminder:  WATCH YOURSELVES GIRLS, find the signs and dont talk to anyone you dont know


    1. Actually with the decline of MySpace it seems like there have been less of them. Back when I started posting these stories I was posting several a day about these predators. But that doesn’t mean a parent should let their guard down. 

      And you’re right, underage girls shouldn’t be talking to strangers online especially since most predators know how to appeal to their weaknesses. 


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