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Man arrested after having sex with 13-year-old girl, Merced police say:

Merced Police: Man arrested after having sex with 13-year-old:

Police in Merced, California have arrested 18-year-old Edward Anthony Smith after it was discovered that he had sex (child rape) with a 13-year-old girl that he met through MySpace.

The victim states that Smith knew her age and that she knew his. Police also say that Smith admitted to them he knew the girl’s age. Allegedly he even told the girl not to tell anyone what happened so he wouldn’t go to jail. D’oh!

I bet this case is more typical than the ones we hear the suspects’ friends saying that the girl lied about her age. I would say most of those stories are probably more like this one where the suspect knew the victim’s actual age. But people unfortunately disregard logic for neighborhood drama.

Thanks to Amanda for the tip.

One thought on “California MySpace creeper admits he knew girl's age

  1. Jester says:

    I have multiple issues with this type of story…

    Yes, he was eighteen, and she was thirteen. Yes, he should take responsibility for his actions as he is old enough to realize that having sex with a thirteen year old is wrong (and sort of sick considering most thirteen-year-old girls still have childlike appearances..) BUT he is not the only one at fault here! She admitted that the sex was consentual. Sure, legally thirteen-year-olds don’t have the right to consent, but who came up with that crap? Honestly! Two 12yr olds were caught having sex in a janitor’s closet at the junior high I attended. When the door was opened, the girl yelled “Rape!” She didn’t admit to have consented until she saw the boys mother crying to the father, “Our son is going to be a registered sex offender before he’s even old enough to have sex!” Well, HELLO, he’s already having sex, so somewhere along the line he decided he was old enough. As did the girl, who broke down crying and admitted that she had actually lured him to the closet because she thought he would like her more if they had sex. Oops.. Let me try to get back on topic.. In my opinion, this girl’s parents should have taught her to have a little self-respect. At thirteen, her internet access should have been monitored. If it had been, she never would have been able to meet up with Smith to have sex! ..There are so many points I can make to prove she should be held accountable too. There is so much I could say about the flaws in our legal think that we allow teens to have sex as long as they are both consenting and there is no more than a four year span between their ages, but an age difference greater than four years is “child rape” despite consent.. *sighs* it is ridiculous. I’m done.

    Ps. I want to make this perfectly clear, just in case there is any confusion: I am not supporting teen sex, but it is happening whether we support it or not. I just feel that it is unfair to hold one person accountable and dote on the other person as if they’re a victim when the sex was consentual.


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