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Brandon McInerney

Brandon McInerney

Retrial sought in gay student’s slaying:

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything about the shooting at E.O. Green Junior High School in Oxnard, California.

In 2008 a then 14-year-old Brandon McInerney shot fellow student, 15-year-old Lawrence King, twice in the back of the head.

King was an openly gay student who sometimes dressed in women’s clothes. He lived at a shelter since his own family threw him out. McInerney allegedly bullied King for being gay but King would make faux passes at McInerney to combat the bullying. So McInerney did the not so logical thing of shooting King twice in the back of the head. Investigators also turned up evidence that McInerney may have white supremacist beliefs.

McInerney was charged as an adult.

Last week was McInerney’s trial and it ended in a hung jury. Not because they don’t believe McInerney killed King but on what he should be convicted on. Some of the jurors wanted to convict on voluntary manslaughter while others wanted to convict on first or second-degree murder.

I realize that I am far from a lawyer but I don’t see how this can be anything but first-degree murder. McInerney went someplace and got a gun and made the conscious effort to bring the gun to school just to shoot Lawrence King. It boggles my mind how the jury was hung.

McInerney’s lawyer claims that McInerney was being sexually harassed by King which I don’t believe to be true. Even if it was true is premeditated murder the proper response? No, it isn’t, ever.

Prosecutors have said they will retry McInerney. Hopefully, they can get a jury that isn’t halfway filled with idiots.

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