Backpage pimp made almost $200K In 8 months


Man reportedly made at least $192,000 in 8 months from prostitutes in Kent, Seattle:

32-year-old Shacon Fontane Barbee (nice name) is an alleged backpage pimp from Seattle. He’s in hot water not just for prostitution charges but child prostitution and Social Security fraud.

Her was arrested back in December of last year when Kent, Washington police noticed a backpage ad that was advertising a girl they knew was underage.

Investigators estimate that Barbee made $192,000 in 8 months from prostitution…

“Based on those figures, if (she) earned $2,000 a week, she alone would have given Barbee approximately $64,000 in the eight months she worked for him,” detectives wrote in the charging documents. “If Barbee had two other females working for him at that time, he would have taken in about $192,000. This is a very modest estimate. This number is based on figures that other girls, who were posting (ads) online, only earned $2,000 each week. (She) believed they earned far more than that.”

It is believed that this is even an underestimation and that Barbee had at least 40 women working for him at one time or another.

The worst part is that Barbee is only facing 15-years in prison. When are lawmakers going to start taking sex trafficking seriously. These are real human lives we’re talking about, not just statistics on a piece of paper.

Also, as usual this is at least one more child prostitute that made it on to backpage past their supposedly stringent but mysterious screening process that costs them millions of dollars, allegedly.

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  1. Heather Evers

    No longer alleged, he was found guilty on all charges September 9, 2013. Yesterday he was FINALLY sentenced to 35 years in prison! Thanks to the diligence of the prosectors office, dectives, and the very brave victims who testified! I hope he doesn’t make it out alive!

    1. Trench Reynolds

      Thank you for the update.

  2. Heather Evers

    You bet… I was phoned in for the sentencing hearing… The sates prosecutor had his ducks in a row! Props to him!!! The judge have him 9 years outside of the sentencing range due to extenuating circumstances. I pray the girls find peace and Mr. Barbee can rot in hell!


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