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James Schulz and Amber Caldwell

Police: Dover couple accused of repeatedly abusing baby:

(Oh hell, I already cursed. And dropping is an understatement but it worked with the alteration.)

Cletus and Brandine up there are 21-year-old James Schulz and 19-year-old Amber Caldwell. Up until about a week ago they had a 3-month-old daughter. They don’t have her anymore.

Police say that the pair of yokels took their daughter to the hospital with ‘injuries’. They claimed that the injuries were from ‘a fall’. Schulz allegedly said that the girl fell on to the concrete floor while he was upstairs. Where the hell were they living, a two-story garage?

You tell me if these are the injuries of a fall…

The baby had large contusions to her nose, forehead, both eyes, the right side of her face and to her left ear, according to court records.

Granted my medical knowledge is limited but I think a 3-month-old baby would need to fall about a hundred times for those injuries to be sustained. But as they say on TV, but wait, there’s more…

On the right side of the baby’s face, there appeared to be fingerprint marks on her cheek as if someone had squeezed her face, which was swollen, police said in court records.

Now my forensics knowledge is as limited as my medical knowledge but to me that sound like he palmed her head like a basketball and threw her. Let’s go to the professionals for a comment.

Doctors determined from the examination that the injuries were not consistent with the father’s story, police said.

They are however consistent with mine. Allegedly Schulz later admitted to police that he threw the baby because she wouldn’t stop crying. The baby landed on the bed then bounced off onto the concrete floor and continued to slide along the floor. Holy hell. I can’t even imagine the amount force that he must have used to inflict that kind of trauma. In my time I have been plenty angry before and have done some pretty stupid things like punching cars and walls and throwing inanimate objects so hard that they shatter but I don’t think that I could ever muster up that kind of anger and violence towards another human being yet someone so defenseless.

When the (thumbs through the BB Thesaurus of Nasty Words) Skank Anchor, or skanchor if you please, was interviewed by police she said that they have been having arguments about how he ‘handles the baby’. Listen bitch, if you have ONE argument about how he handles the baby and he doesn’t learn after that he’s not exactly at the deep end of the gene pool. Her ass is in jail too police say that she also took place in prior abuse.

Anyway back to Hilljack. What I think ‘they’ should do is get the biggest, meanest MMA fighter they can like Brock Lesnar and have the guy palm his fucking melon and repeatedly smash it against a concrete floor until he is sliding across it and his face becomes a gelatinous pulp.

Thanks to AJ for the tip.

17 thoughts on “Dover, Delaware dumbfucks deny dropping daughter

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just thinking about a man (with probably huge hands) holding a baby’s tiny face like some kind of handball makes me sick.
    These people deserve the worst.


  2. By the way, this is Brock Lesnar. I think he would be happy to help ‘them’ out.


  3. Elena H. G. says:

    How can you throw a baby like that?  I can’t imagine accidentally dropping a baby, let alone throwing one across the room.  The one time I held my classmate’s newborn, I was so afraid of dropping her that I sat down on the ground just so I could hold her.  She was so soft and innocent and I could never imagine hurting her.

    How do these monsters live with themselves?  Squeezing a baby’s face, throwing a baby and just watching while it happens?  Some people don’t deserve to even have babies.


  4. Becca926 says:

    This seriously hits home to me because I am 19 and have a beautiful 2 month old daughter. I have no idea how anyone could harm something so precious let alone allow her to die by the hands that should hold her close and keep her safe. Unfortunately, this is far from the worst story I’ve read on here and I’m sure there will be a million more just like this one. We just have to make sure these baby beating bastards are caught so there’s one less story to write and one less baby hurt or dead.

    By the way, is anyone on here a foster parent? I have some questions to ask you. 🙂


  5. Anonymous says:

    did the baby die? how terrible that someone could hurt their baby ..


    1. As far as I can tell the baby did survive. 


      1. Deb says:

        Hey Trench where can I order a BB Thesaurus of Nasty Words? There are times I want to address some of these “people” (will NOT call them parents) when I post, but I have trouble coming up with names. You, April, Deena and many others come up with such great names. All I can think of is what I would like to see done to the scum sucking sacks of slimy…….. I think bringing back the idea of throwing these “its” in a pit with wild animals and NO weapons might work. Pay-per-view? And the money going to the innocent ones that are harmed. But thats just my little day dreams. 


        1. One day I’m going to post a list of the best nasty words used here.

          —– Original message —–


      2. Anonymous says:

        Thank god for that


  6. Kiyachan1988 says:

    Holy shit! This is beyond heinous..   3 month olds are JUST learning to smile… learning to sit up and creep. Not their fault they cry… hey fucktard genious bitches THATS HOW THEY COMMUNICATE! They cry they don’t have the ability to speak other than crying.  I remember my baby when he first smiled… about three months ago… He is almost 6 mos now… and I’ll admit it is hard it is very hard when they have that major crying spell of pain or just don’t know… but never did it cross my mind to hit him to make him be quiet…


  7. Isa says:

    Holy fuck. That poor child. I’m kind of a rage-o-holic, but JESUS, I could never ever hurt another person, let alone a child, just as you said. 


  8. MomInAva says:

    I was reading this while we were driving home from KC last night. Needless to say, its a damn good thing that Hubby was driving because I couldn’t see the road through the tears. I can’t even begin to comprehend the power it must have taken to throw a baby that hard. And stupid bitch…. the first time I had to argue with ANYONE about how they handled my baby would be the last time they were ever around me or any of my children again, regardless if they contributed to the creation of said child or not.


  9. Shadyhellyeah says:

    I think the worst thing I have ever done was yell at my kids….but that was when they were all 3 or older….
    Not 3 months old.

    Oh. Wait. I know….a dipshit like the sperm donor here.
    I would never argue with my ex about how he was handling the kids wrong, because I am sure he would get the point with a roundhouse to his face if I ever caught him mistreating them. This bitch makes me want to puke and is a disgrace to all the teen moms who do a good job with their children….like my sister…she’s 17 and her 3 month old little girl ALWAYS comes first…she quit smoking when she found out she was pregnant and is working a pt job and is finishing high school, with plans to go to college to get her nursing degree so her daughter never has to live in poverty.
    Maybe this c*** should come hang out with my sister and I for a while…I can’t promise she would come back unharmed though…


  10. Jemimabean says:

    The baby won’t stop crying, so the obvious solution is to body- slam her into the ground? Fuck sakes, I don’t think even Benjamin Spock included advice that bad in his parenting tomes! Whatever happened to cuddling, singing, changing, feeding, talking her for a walk? It seems that parents who resort to those drastic, soothing measures are in the minority these days. Modern parents are all about the head- beating, it shuts them up quite permanently, apparently!

    Little fucksticks. They should be sterilised.


    1. Marsha says:

      My mother raised me according to Dr. Spock and I did the same with my daughter.  I think we both turned out just fine.


  11. Isela Legg says:

    I have work so many cases, where Mom’s ( Don’t even deserve The name MOM ! ) Claims to fight all the time with the other parent about mistreating the child or children ? being a Child Victim advocate for almost 10 years, i often guess in my mind, what STUPID Excuse She or He is going to give me ? And i usually guess right ! I had one parent tell me the other day ? maybe i just shouldnt have anymore kid’s ? NAWWW,  YOU THINK ?? She’s only pregnant with her fifth child ! And a long record of child abuse and child neglect ! And still mo matter how hard i fight ? The court keeps givinbg her the baby’s back ???? AHHHHHHHHHH !!! > : {


  12. Digchild says:

    The sperm-dripping cobra is a worthless piece of shit.The waste of a uterus should be sterilized.If these two can use a 3-month-old baby as a punchbag,they are worse than cow manure.


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