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Eduardo Marmolejo

Eduardo Marmolejo

Teen to be tried as adult in stabbing death of principal at East Memphis private school:

Not only has 17-year-old Eduardo Marmolejo been charged as an adult in the stabbing death of Suzette York, his teacher and principal, but more information has been released about the crime as well.

First off I kind of scoffed when I read that Marmolejo studied up on knife combat because it seems he used it to his full efficacy.

On the day of the attack, he slipped his hands into gloves and first stabbed York’s windpipe so she couldn’t scream for help, prosecutor Reginald Henderson said. York was stabbed eight more times, in her face, chin and neck. Marmolejo then ran to the bathroom, where he washed away York’s blood, changed clothes and flushed the knife and gloves down the toilet, police said.

He’s more than just some selfish spoiled brat, he’s also a stone cold killer. This murder couldn’t have been any more calculated for someone his age. Most teen knife wielding assailants would have gone for center mass rather than the throat.

Speaking of someone his age here’s what happened at his hearing to see if he would be tried as an adult.

Eduardo Marmolejo hasn’t said he regrets the stabbing death of his principal, prosecutors said. But he has lamented that a likely prison stint would put his dream of fatherhood on hold.

The teen laughed when he entered a courtroom for a hearing Wednesday in Shelby County Juvenile Court. During breaks, he smiled and muttered rap lyrics though deputies repeatedly hushed him.

This is definitely someone who has no regard for human life in any way shape or form. I have no problem labeling him as a psychopath.

There’s also been more of a motive released other than he didn’t like her. It seems that Marmolejo had some kind of school privilege revoked by Ms. York last school year. I can’t even imagine what privilege would be worth killing over in such a bloody fashion. I would lay odds on this rather him feeling his manhood was challenged by a woman but that remains to be seen.

Of course the mental illness issue has been brought up. The defense claims that he lives in a fantasy world where he believes he’s a ninja. The prosecution says that Marmolejo is competent enough to assist in his defense but they do say that he has a personality disorder. I expect to see the Asperger’s defense come out during the course of this story.

If you think that he should not be tried as an adult I would love to hear your reasoning behind that and yes I am being sincere.

UPDATE: Prosecutors are keeping mum about the privilege that was taken away stating they don’t want to try the case before its time.

UPDATE 4/9/2012: Marmolejo has pleaded not guilty and a judge has agreed to a defense request for a mental evaluation of Marmolejo.

UPDATE 10/8/12: Marmolejo has been ruled competent to stand trial.

2 thoughts on “Memphis teacher killer charged as an adult

  1. digchild says:

    Why can’t he just be killed the same way he killed Suzette York?That would save the taxpayers some money.


  2. Sirkissa says:

    Psychopath is right!


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