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Johnathan Cooper

Johnathan Cooper

Sentenced to life:

I originally posted about Johnathan Cooper of Weatherford, Texas here. At the time of my last post, I dubbed him the king of all MySpace pervs because of all the depraved crimes he committed. Some of the highlights are he raped a 13-year-old girl, tried to get that girl to get him a 6-year-old to have sex with and he claimed that he had sex with an 11-year-old. There is a much longer list on the original post.

Thankfully Texas being what it is did not fool around with Cooper’s sentence as he was sentenced to life plus 20 years behind bars. The judge even called him a serial child rapist.

He’s still facing similar charges in two other Texas counties. So even though he may be eligible for parole in 2040 I would hope that the sentences he probably will receive from the other counties are consecutive to the sentence that he’s currently serving.

With any luck, while he’s in prison someone will do to him what he’s done to his victims. I mean turnabout is fair play after all.

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