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Tom Capano

Tom Capano

Convicted Delaware killer Capano dies in prison:

I’m actually sorry to hear that Tom Capano died in prison yesterday of an apparent heart attack but I’m getting ahead of myself.

For those of you not familiar with the case Tom Capano was a well-connected lawyer in Wilmington, Delaware. In the early 1990s, he was having an affair with Anne Marie Fahey. Ms. Fahey was a secretary to the then governor of Delaware. She broke off the affair with Capano and when he tried to get back together with her after his wife left him he shot and killed Anne Marie. Capano stuffed her body into a cooler and dumped her body into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of South Jersey. Her body to this day has never been found. Capano was a smug prick who acted like he would never be arrested let alone convicted. He was originally given the death penalty but that was overturned in 2006 and he was given a life sentence.

The reason that I’m kind of sad that he died in prison from a heart attack is because his family will get to bury him and mourn him properly. That’s something that Anne Marie’s family will never get.

If there was true justice Capano’s death sentence would have been upheld and he would have been shot in the back of the head then dumped into shark-infested waters.

Yeah, I’m an eye for an eye kind of guy.

10 thoughts on “Tom Capano dies in prison

  1. Sandy Banks says:

    Well, you can hope he might be going to that place where being in shark-infested waters would be a vacation…


    1. I don’t have to hope. I’m pretty sure he’s there. 


  2. Jennifer says:

    Why didn’t they squeeze his body into a cooler also?


    1. And shoot it with a shotgun. 


      1. Belladonna1 says:

        Are u sure that this did not happen the way capano said ,about Debra mcIntyre.truth is stranger than fiction u know,and u were not there,so who are u guys to judge.think about it.i am extremely intelligent,and I think he was telling the truth.why do Americans get so angry about someone comitting believe that if someone gets married in this country they should be condemed


        1. Mad as hell says:

          Your an idiot


      2. Belladonna1 says:

        (Continued from part one of Belladonna)Americans think when someone gets married they are totally responsible to give there total life to the one that they are married to,well it takes two to tango,meaning,the other partner has to know when to trow in the towel.give it a rest,most people in this country are killing each other because they are unhappily that better than cheating?


        1. So Capano’s brother just made up the story about him and Capano dumping Ann Marie’s body off of the boat and then shooting the ice cooler full of holes when it wouldn’t sink?


  3. Barbara Pracko says:

    I just finished reading Ann Rule’s book ANd Never Let Her Go. So many people in this case should have had steeper punishment. I live in Ocean City. Its sad politicians are All crooks and losers!!!!!


    1. South Jersey represent.


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