Backpage’s lawyer issues statement but not to everybody


Attorneys general put Backpage front and center:

This time last week I had said that Backpage had yet to respond to the States’ Attorneys General deadline of September 14th to address their human trafficking and child exploitation issues. They finally responded this past Friday which was the 23rd. Only 9 days late. Kind of shows Backpage’s commitment, or lack thereof, to the issues.

Anyway this past Friday Backpage’s attorney, Sam Fifer of Chicago, sent a letter to the The National Association of Attorneys General and said that Backpage…

…”looks forward to working with the attorneys general and law enforcement at all levels to prevent misuse of the Backpage site.”

Right. The thing is we don’t know yet on how Backpage plans on doing that because Fifer’s letter was not made public.

Lack of transparency automatically throws up an air of suspicion. Hopefully the AGs will be more forthcoming with details than Village Voice Media is.

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