Guy with melting face drugged and raped teen he met online

Jeffrey Thomas Sackman

Jeffrey Thomas Sackman

Cathedral City man arrested in missing teen, sex assault case:

Two-Face up there is 44-year-old Jeffrey Thomas Sackman of Cathedral City, California. He’s accused of holding a 15-year-old captive in his home, keeping her drugged and repeatedly raping her.

Police say that two years ago Sackman posed as a 17-year-old named Giovanni Antonio Corsentino when he first met the victim on MySpace and Facebook. Recently the girl ran away from Buena Park, California and reached out to who she thought was her friend. That’s a 2 hour drive by the way and knowing Southern California traffic it’s probably more like 4.

Sackman bought her a bus ticket with the promise of helping her get to Arizona to see her brother. As an aside it’s always the bus with these scumbags. It seems that the bus is the transportation of choice for sexual predators.

Instead of going to Arizona Sackman allegedly kept her captive in his home, kept her doped up on meth and repeatedly raped the girl. The girl’s mom was able to track down her daughter to Cathedral City and police found the girl being hidden in Sackman’s home.

The scariest part is that Sackman is not a registered sex offender and has no criminal record. That makes me wonder if this is only the first time he’s been caught. Predator scum like this are usually working more than one victim at a time. And Sackman lived in a family friendly neighborhood which shows that these monsters can live anywhere.

Police do believe that there may be other victims.

Investigators asked anyone with information to call Detective Rick Sanchez at (760) 770-0381.

UPDATE 9/27/2011: First thanks to whoever posted the link to this story at the OC Register.

Check out the laundry list of charges that have been brought against Sackman…

He has been charged with 14 felony counts, including oral copulation with a minor under the age of 16, rape of a drugged victim, sexual intercourse with a person under 16, sexual penetration with a foreign object, rape and committing a lewd act with a child under 16, said John Hall, spokesman for the Riverside District Attorney’s Office.

He was also charged with one misdemeanor count of possessing child pornography and one count of resisting a peace officer.

Police are saying that he also had another victim who he had dome something similar to you a few years ago.

Since he can’t get the death penalty, which he deserves, I hope he ends up getting one of those 100+ year sentences and not some slap on the wrist that sees him getting out in a few years.


  1. Okay, wait.  He had her drugged up on METH?  I was thinking heroin or oxys or someting more along the lines of a CNS depressant.  I’m not blaming the girl-child by anymeans but if I was dugged up on meth and someone was holding me captive and raping me, I would tweak my way out of that sich in a hot minute.  I wonder what the whole back story is….  Besides the fact that this guy looked at the Ark and it didn’t kill him but merely melted his face. 


  2. Ginger, that was my first thought. Ok my first thought was actually “holy shit its gollum” but AFTER that, I did wonder how can you be drugged up on meth, more likey she was spun out and he raped her when she finally crashed out? Who knows, what a scumbag


  3. Okay Yea Seriously thow how the hell can you be “drugged” or AKA “SPUNDUUCKY!” On Meth a not figure out how to escape or mearly just kick his fucking ass ok?! This little girl I know HAS to be just scared because she got caught/ tracked down an knew that her Ass was grass so she feels she needs to seriously alter the truth an make Jeff look even worse then he already does! No doubt about it though Jeff is SERIOUSLY fuckin SICK &amp NEEDS to get his ass handed to him HARD!! OKAY, But the fact of the matter is that “I personally know Jeff, have for years, (didn’t know he was mentally diranged!) He has always been a little weird. But he is small &amp hagard thus a “decrepped coward”!, No body can seriously tell me that she couldn’t of faught Jeff off! That part is a bunch a fucking bullshit, sorry but true!!! Again not condouning his actions AT ALL!!! HIS SICK ASS GOT WHAT WAS RIGHTFULLY COMING TO HIM AN THANK GOD HE WAS FINALLY CAUGHT!!!! I AM JUST SIMPLY POINTING THE (100% positive) FACTS OUT THERE!!!…


      • Would it make you feel better about yourself if I was on Meth?! Listen little boy this is a serious matter we’re talking about here ok, this is NOT “Facebook or Myspace”, grow up!!! This is about-“Jeff Sackman” a freaking “Child Sex Preditor!” Don’t twist the issue here, comment on what’s really important. 


  4. I agree with Ginger, Nancy and Stephany, ( but I can’t figure out what Trench’s deal is with that insignificant comment lol )  anyway, yeah I totally agree, if he had drugged her with heroin or some kind of down that would make her fall asleep or mellowed out then a rape is conceivable, but on tweek? Hardly, they probably had it going for a good day or two there before she was located, although I too would like to hear the real story. Don’t forget that he was also  in communication with her for two years, common she had to have known that he was older !!  She must have had many a conversation with him about drugs and what she likes. What else would a pervert have to talk about to a potential victim? She’s not as nieve (oops sp) as she leads on to be. Anyway, that’s what I think.


    • It doesn’t matter whether she knew his age or not or what she was getting into. First off a 15-year-old can not legally consent to sex secondly he allegedly drugged her up and held her hostage. But yeah, let’s blame this on the 15-year-old girl. 


  5. By the way what am I missing here when you call him meltman? What is it about a melting face, I must have missed something somewhere?


  6. As someone who experimented with drugs quite heavily in my teen years, I can tell you that it doesn’t affect everyone the same way. Meth only made me tweak out about half the time, and I spent the rest of the time either in a fantasy world or completely afraid of every noise I heard. I certainly can’t blame a 15-year-old girl for not escaping a horrible situation simply because of the drug some asshole used to keep her in line.


    • Ok now I’m not totally blaming this on the 15yr old at all just saying that there has to be more to the story. She couldn’t of been that helpless or unable to get a hold a phone or computer or even been unable to escape out side at some moment! Jeff is not that bright. But again she is only 15yrs old and he is a dicusting ass pedifile in his 40’S. A few friends &amp I have always kinda joked &amp had a nick name for him calling him “Pedifile Jeff”. Well I guess his nick name proved to really suit him discustingly enough! I really do feel bad for the girl &amp pray for her &amp hope she is doing alright??!!! (Well as okay as she can be considering her tramatic experience??!!!)…


      • Ok now I’m not totally blaming this on the 15yr old at all just saying that there has to be more to the story. 

        It doesn’t matter. 15-year-olds can’t legally consent. And that’s the bottom line. 


  7. drugged or not- even if the girl twisted the story a bit- the fact of the matter is this: JEFF IS A FULL GROWN MAN WHO(for several years) PRETENDED TO BE A TEENAGER IN ORDER TO LURE UNDERAGE GIRLS. HE IS A MONSTER.


  8. not melting face…. shrunk head jewelry shop owner from men in black 1. remember every time his face was shot off it would come back more messed up? lol.


  9. I am glad that someone put this back into prospective. HE is a sick butt hole, and she is UNDER the age of consent. Even if he tries to say it was consensual, she is still under the age of consent. If she pranced naked in front of him for a hour to shake her groove thing, it doesn’t matter because WHY boys and girls??? Very good, she is under the age of consent


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