Mass. craigslist rapist convicted


Craigslist Rapist Found Guilty:

When it comes to violent criminals there is one list that’s longer than that of the ‘craigslist killers’. That would be craigslist rapists.

In 2009 Reinaldo Prado of Framingham, Mass. was arrested for raping and robbing prostitutes that advertised their services on craigslist. His crimes took place three months before anyone even knew who Philip Markoff was.

When arrested he was in possession of stolen cell phones, knives and zip ties. He raped and robbed these women in a matter of days.

Today he was convicted of rape and robbery and will be sentenced in October.

With the removal of the adult/erotic services section from craigslist the rapes that have occurred through their site have not ceased. Now they just occur through the casual encounters and personals sections.

As I’ve said many times before craigslist is far from having cleaned up its act.

UPDATE 10/13/11: Prado only got 9-12 years. Another joke sentence for a serial sexual predator.

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