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It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. It’s all Facebook these days. No one wants to go to an actual website anymore, but I digress.

I received an e-mail in regard to one Ian Andrew Kugler of Norristown, Pennsylvania. He pleaded guilty to molesting a 12-year-old girl that he met on the goth social site VampireFreaks. The e-mail came from a female whose name I will withhold…

okay sir no disrespect intended but ur dumb… did you not read the story THEY BOTH AGREED TO SEE EACHOTHER he didnt creep on her, she wanted him… she could have said no but did she? NO! he doesn’t even deserve 10 years! iv known him my whole life..! the only reason he got arrested was probably because she came home late one night and would have gotten in trouble UNLESS she played the “i got raped” card… then she claims she has medical issues because of it? yeah uhmm like i said before SHE WANTED IT SHE AGREED TO IT…. he plays a big part in my life and id greatly appreciate you taking this story down!

You sound young or extremely naive. Since it’s a child molester we’re discussing I’m going to assume young.

Listen, young lady, by every law across this country, a 12-year-old girl can not legally consent to have sex. It doesn’t matter if she wanted it or not. What Kugler did was not only against the law but an affront to humanity. He was 27-years-old. No 27-year-old ever has the right to have sex with a 12-year-old girl. That is called child rape.

You have a lot of growing up to do and you’d be better off not surrounding yourself with sexual predators like Kugler.

One thought on “We get letters: The 12-year-old wanted it

  1. Anonymous says:

    “okay sir no disrespect intended but ur dumb”. 

    Um, no, YOU ARE dumb simply for the fact that you wrote a letter asking Trench to take a story down and called him dumb whilst using text spelling.  That’s not how one accomplishes things.  One does not insult another while asking them for a favor, stupid.

    Oh, and YOU ARE dumb for the fact that you think it’s okay for 27 year-old men to have sex with 12 year-old little girls.  Dipshit.


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