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Two of three Lakeshore teens make bail:

When I posted about the bond being lowered for the teens accused of plotting an attack against Lakeshore High School in Louisiana I thought that $100K would still be too high for them to post bail. It seems that I was wrong as two of the three plotters have been released on bond.

The families of Todd Singleton and Daniel Hopkins both posted their bond and according to the terms of their bond they’ll both be under house arrest, they’re forbidden from communicating with each other, and they will not be allowed to use cell phones or the internet. EXCEPT that Todd Singleton will be able to use his computer for a computer class while under strict parental supervision. Did the judge not know that one of the parents of Singleton may have destroyed evidence? I would think that would be an important detail. I almost expect Singleton to violate his bond while under parental supervision.

Speaking of destroyed evidence…

Trial delayed in school plot because of missing evidence:

The trial for the three accused teens may be delayed because the Day Zero Facebook page that they allegedly used to plan the attack has been deleted.

It should just be a matter of Facebook getting the information to investigators but I would imagine that Facebook has a lot of subpoenas to go through.

A legal analyst quoted in the article says that Singleton’s mother could be prosecuted for obstruction. By all means, they should since she allegedly deleted not only the Facebook page but destroyed her son’s computer. Adults need to be held responsible for when they try to cover up their kids’ crimes which could have led to a bloodbath.

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