Hainstock’s conviction upheld again

Eric Hainstock
Eric Hainstock

Appeals court: Hainstock conviction stands:

In 2006 a then 15-year-old Eric Hainstock shot and killed John Klang in the halls of Weston Schools where Klang was the principal. The usual excuses were given, he was bullied, he had a hard home life, etc. Hainstock has become a favorite of the pearl-twisters since he was tried as an adult and sentenced to life in prison.

Hainstock had previously tried to get a new trial saying his counsel was ineffective but that appeal was denied.

Last week The Wisconsin Court of Appeals upheld Hainstock’s conviction once again denying him a new trial. This time it was argued that his confession should have been ruled inadmissible which the court agreed with. However, the court also ruled that witness testimony would have been more than enough to convict Hainstock and send him to prison for life.

Now before everyone gets all weepy-eyed over this punk spending his life in prison John Klang actually tried to help Hainstock with not only the alleged bullying but also with Hainstock’s home life. However, he suspended Hainstock for being caught with cigarettes which was his job and Hainstock fires a number of bullets into him at almost point-blank range.

That’s not someone I want in my society.

Hainstock’s lawyer says he will appeal to the Wisconsin Supreme Court but I have to say what I always say in these cases.

John Klang doesn’t have the luxury of appealing his unwarranted death sentence.

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