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Donna Jou

Donna Jou

New Tip May Lead To SDSU Student’s Body:

Donna Jou’s father, Reza Jou, announced this week that a tip has been received that may lead to the discovery of his daughter’s body.

If you’re a long time reader of this site you’ll know that Donna disappeared after being last seen with registered sex offender John Steven Burgess. Burgess responded to Donna’s craigslist ad where she offered her services as a tutor.

Burgess confessed to her death and claimed that he dumped her body in the Pacific Ocean. He was sentenced to 5 years in 2009 but may be released as early as this Christmas for ‘good behavior’.

However, Reza Jou said this week that a tip has been received that Donna’s body may actually be buried somewhere in Los Angeles. He also said that the place where her body may be buried is on private property and they are working on obtaining a search warrant.

Now I’m no legal expert but I believe that if her body is found and she didn’t die in the manner that Burgess claims (heroin overdose) wouldn’t this make Burgess’ plea deal null and void? God, I hope so. Burgess is a grade-A scumbag who should be looking at a death sentence.

I hope this tip pans out not only to see Burgess swing but to also give some semblance of peace to the Jou family.

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