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Shaw Bruce Warrington

Shaw Bruce Warrington

OC Man Arrested For Soliciting Sex With Mom, Underage Daughter On Craigslist:

Man posted ad looking for mom, daughter for sex:

Some say that in every stereotype there is a kernel of truth. If that’s the case than 21-year-old Shaw Bruce Warrington of San Juan Capistrano, California is the kernel in a giant tub of pedophile popcorn.

Warrington is accused of placing up to 25 ads on craigslist looking for sex from a mother-daughter pair. Now while some may think that is a conquest worth of the opening “Dear Penthouse” police say that Warrington was looking for a daughter of the underage variety. So naturally, when the ad was brought to the attention of Immigration and Customs Enforcement they set up a sting posing as a mother and 13-year-old daughter.

ICE investigators say that when Warrington showed up for the meeting he was driving a white van that had a mattress in a back and had a condom in his pocket.

No word if the van was windowless or he was wearing a cast but I think the mustache and the Bad Ronald haircut more than makes up for that.

But once again this shows that craigslist is still in bad need of moderation. Remember this scum allegedly posed 25 separate ads for this. Were any of them flagged by the highly lauded community policing? Something tells me no.

Even though craigslist is not the hotbed for prostitution they once were, even though it’s still there, it seems they have become the new de facto website for child molesters looking for victims.

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