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Carina Saunders

Carina Saunders

Bethany police seek FBI help in girl’s dismemberment:

Men no longer suspects in Bethany murder:

The other day I posted a story about a Juggalo who was wanted as a person of interest in the murder of 19-year-old Carina Saunders. Since that time he was ruled out as a person of interest so I removed the story. However, I thought I would be doing a great disservice to Carina’s family and friends if I didn’t bring you her story just because the Juggalo was no longer involved.

Carina’s body was found on October 13th in a duffel bag behind a grocery store. She had been decapitated and dismembered. Two men were viewed as persons of interest by Bethany, Oklahoma police but both have since been cleared. No suspect has been named yet and Bethany police are seeking the FBI’s assistance with Carina’s murder.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Carina’s story reminds me of another crime that I posted about for years and that would be the murder of Jennifer Parks.

In 2005 16-year-old Jennifer was stabbed to death and dismembered by her two neighbors that she thought were friends, Jonathan and James Zarate. They tried disposing her body into the Passaic River in New Jersey but were caught by police. Both are serving life sentences.

I will be continually posting about Carina’s case as details become available and I pray for justice in this case.

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