Central High shooter pleads guilty

Jamar Siler

Jamar Siler

School shooting victim’s family agreed to shooter’s plea deal:

It’s been an extremely long time since I posted about the 2008 shooting death of Ryan McDonald in the halls of Central High School in Knoxville, Tennessee. However it seems that this story has finally reached its conclusion.

It was in 2008 when a then 15-year-old Jamar Siler shot and killed 15-year-old Ryan McDonald. To this day I have not heard the motive behind the shooting. However I have seen reports that McDonald suffered from alopecia and was bullied by Siler. That’s right, the it’s the gunman who was believed to be the bully. Ryan was not afraid to defend himself though and that may have led to him being shot by Siler.

Fast forward to this week where Siler entered into a plea deal where by pleading guilty to the shooting he would be sentenced to 30 years with the possibility of parole in 20. Ryan’s family agreed to the plea deal.

As you can discern from this Siler was charged as an adult.

Chad Johnson convicted of killing craigslist prostitute

Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson

Man Convicted in Murder of Craigslist Prostitute:

I originally posted about Chad Johnson (not Ochocinco) here. He was arrested last year for strangling, Jennifer Papain, a prostitute that he met on craigslist to death after she refused to give his money back. Johnson buried her in a shallow grave somewhere near the Long Island Expressway.

This week Johnson was found guilty of second degree murder in Ms. Papain’s death. He’s looking at 25-to life when he’s sentenced in January.

I find a couple of things curious about this case. The first is why did this not make the national media when it happened so close to the Five Burroughs? The second is I’d like to hear the legalization folks explain how legalizing prostitution would have prevented Jennifer Papain’s murder.

Baby suffocates after Breeder gets her Halloween drink on

Corrina Atuatasi

Corrina Atuatasi

Corrina Atuatasi Accused of Letting Her Baby Suffocate in Clothes Pile After Booze Binge:

Baby suffocated in clothes pile while mom was drunk, police say:

I don’t know if I’ve ever shared this with you before but I don’t drink. Not to excess anyway. I can go for months without having a beer and I can’t even remember the last time I got drunk. Not because I got so wasted I don’t remember it’s just been that long. There’s several reasons behind my semi-tea totaling ways. The first is my dad was a mean drunk and I’ve seen what kind of damage excessive drinking can do to a family. The second is in a bout of excessive drinking on my part I gave myself alcohol poisoning in my early 20s and that made me lose my taste for hard liquor. And lastly during my first year of marriage I went to a bar one night to drown my sorrows and when I came back my daughter, who was 10 at the time, told me I reeked of beer. I was so embarrassed thinking back to when I was her age and my dad coming home stumbling in the door drunk reeking of booze right before he hit my mom.

So you can kind of understand when I say I don’t get why some people put alcohol above the welfare and safety of their own children, like 27-year-old Corrina Atuatasi of Garden Grove, California.

Police allege that Atuatasi was watching her two-month-old son, Aiden Galeai, on Halloween night while her husband and daughter were visiting family. While she was outside smoking, and the baby was inside alone mind you, a couple of neighbors invited her to their Halloween party. She left her son to go drink but shortly went back to get Aiden, putting him in a car seat then taking him and going back to the party for a few hours.

Supposedly when she returned home in a drunken stupor at 4am somehow Aiden found himself face down in a pile of laundry where he suffocated to death. Considering he was only 2-months-old I’m going to assume he didn’t end up there under his own power. Atuatasi woke up 2 hours later and called 911. When police arrived they said she had BAC of .23 which as I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, is almost three times the legal limit. This was 2+ hours after she had stopped drinking so I can only imagine what it was when she stopped drinking. .

Thanks to amulbunny for the tip.

Two more bodies possibly linked to Ohio craigslist killings

Richard Beasley

Richard Beasley

Ohio investigators probe shootings possibly tied to Craigslist ad:

Investigators in Ohio have found two more bodies that may be connected to the most recent craigslist killing.

As by now I’m sure you know 16-year-old Brogan Rafferty of Stow, Ohio and 52-year-old Richard Beasley of Akron are believed to be involved with the death of 51-year-old David Pauley. They allegedly lured him from Florida to Ohio with the promise of steady employment at a fictitious ranch. Pauley was shot and killed then buried in a shallow grave. Some believe this was done so Beasley could steal his identity in order to stay out of jail. You see how well that worked out.

Anyway this past weekend two more bodies had been found that may be connected to Beasley. The body of 47-year-old Timothy Kern of Massillon, Ohio was found in a shallow grave. His family members say that he had responded to a craigslist ad that was eerily similar to the one Beasley is accused of posting. Even on his Facebook Kern himself said that he felt the job offer was strange but good.

A 3rd body that so far has only been described as a white male has also been discovered. There has been a gag order placed on the case so no more details about the possible third victim have been released yet.

I’m not going to fault the victims in this story especially due to the hard economic times we’re going through now. However if any ad on craigslist, or any classifieds site, seems to good to be true it probably is. If at anytime you have any hesitation about responding to any kind of ad listen to that hesitation.

Or just don’t use craigslist at all. I think I’ve offered plenty of evidence about the kind of criminal element that lurks there unfettered.

Thanks to all who sent in tips.

UPDATE 11/29/2011: 2 churches deny that Beasley was a chaplain of theirs in any way shape or form. I would think so since most chaplains don’t deal in drugs and prostitution…allegedly.

UPDATE 12/1/2011: Rafferty has been charged with aggravated murder. Also the possible third fatality is believed to be a man named Ralph Geiger and he was shot in the head.

UPDATE II 12/1/2011: Beasley is said to have managed at least 14 prostitutes in 2009 including a 17-year-old girl. I wonder if he used a certain classifieds site for that or was it the other one?

Canadian pedophile says he wants to be a contributing member of society


Pedophile issues court apology to victims:

I originally posted about Max David Miller here. Not only did he plead guilty to luring underage girls over the Canadian social site Nexopia but he also had sex (child rape) with the girls after getting them drunk. He solicited girls as young as 10-years-old. Prosecutors are asking for a sentence of 10-12 years.

In court last week Miller ‘apologized’ to his victims while trying to get leniency from the court…

“I am truly sorry . . . primarily for the psychological problems and psychiatric trauma to the victims,”

“I want help and I want to be a contributing member of society.”

His lawyer had this to say…

“The psychological reports tell of his rehabilitation and his ability to rehabilitate himself for his deviancy,” said Hepner. “He is motivated to rehabilitate himself.

“He’s still a young man and a first-time offender. To give him a 10-year sentence would be crushing.”

You know what was crushing? The mental and physical damage that this scumbag inflicted on his victims. He may be a first time offender in the eyes of the law but he had multiple victims. In reality this was probably his first time in being caught.

10 years is a joke of a sentence for what this serial predator did. He should be put away for life. Unfortunately if history is any indicator he’ll probably only get 5 years then be out again with plenty of time to find more victims.

UPDATE 12/1/2011: He got 10 years.

Mutant threatens Florida school shooting

Emmanuel Costas

Emmanuel Costas

Teen planned shooting rampage at Lake Brantley high, police say:

Last week in Altamonte Springs, Florida police arrested 18-year-old Emmanuel Costas for allegedly threatening a school shooting at Lake Brantley High School.

Police there say that Costas kept posting the veiled threats on his Facebook…

“151 dayz left!!!”

His friends tried to guess what his countdown was for. The end of the world? “Nope,” he replied. “U will see,” he told friends in the cryptic posts. “Too early too tell ya.”

“4/17/12 is gonna be a day to remember dat day will bring joy to me and saddness to otherz”

Police say that Costas planned the shooting not only because he was ‘teased’ as a freshman but that he ‘respected’ those who committed the Columbine massacre. In Trench-speak, he’s a mutant who worships the cowardly scumbags Klebold and Harris.

So he’s 18 which in theory would make him a senior. So for the fact that he was ‘teased’ 3 years ago makes him think that the proper response is to commit mass murder. What a joke.

Since he’s 18 he’ll be in big boy jail. If he thinks being teased as a freshman was bad wait until he gets to prison. He’ll wish he was back in high school.

Remember kids, take it from someone who was there and was a victim of actual bullying in high school. While those four years may seem like the longest time in your life in reality it’s just a blip on the timeline of your existence. It’s not worth killing or going to jail over.

Pa. man who had sex with craigslist babysitters sentenced


Newville man sentenced to prison in Craigslist sex case:

I originally posted about 39-year-old Lewis Dopp here. He was arrested in Carlisle, Pennsylvania last year for sexually assaulting underage girls that he met through craigslist. He would get them drunk and take advantage of them, once even having another girl record him having sex with one of the girls. The twist on this story is that Dopp used the craigslist ads for babysitters to find his victims. He would even post ads of his own looking for ‘babysitters’.

This past week he was sentenced to 3-6 years in the Penn State…I mean state pen after pleading guilty. (Sorry PSU fans, I couldn’t resist.)

Seriously though that is a joke of a sentence for someone who is a serial sexual predator in my opinion. His attorney even wanted the sentence reduced citing that Dopp has the mental capacity of an 18-year-old. If you click on the link to my original post about Dopp you can see some comments that I believe were left by Dopp under a few different aliases trying to defend himself.

He has a diminished mental capacity all right but that doesn’t mean he didn’t know what he was doing. To me a diminished mental capacity means someone who was incapable of telling the difference between right and wrong. Dopp is just a moron.

When he gets out in probably less than three years I can almost guarantee he’ll go back to creeping on underage girls using whatever electronic means predators will be using then.

Lakeshore plot trial postponed due to recovery of deleted Facebook


Trial for Lakeshore High shooting plot suspect postponed:

If you’ve been following the news of the alleged school shooting plot involving Lakeshore High School in Louisiana you’ll know that the suspects used a Facebook page called Zero Day to communicate with each other. You’ll also know that the page was supposedly deleted by one of the suspect’s mothers. Guess what kids. It’s been recovered.

Can I get an ‘Oh Snap’?

Alleged ringleader Todd Singleton was set to go on trial this past week when the news came down that Facebook was able to recover the deleted page. This has pushed back the trial for Singleton and alleged co-conspirator Daniel Hopkins to late December.

Still no word if charges will be brought against Singleton’s mother for allegedly not only deleting the Facebook page but also destroying his computer. That sounds like tampering with evidence to me. Doesn’t that make her an accessory to the crime? If I was the DA I’d be going after her as well.

E.O. Green shooter takes plea

Brandon McInerney

Brandon McInerney

Calif. teen faces 21 years in prison after guilty plea in killing of gay classmate:

After a mistrial 17-year-old Brandon McInerney has pleaded guilty to the 2008 shooting death of 15-year-old Lawrence King inside E.O. Green Junior High in Oxnard, California. By all reports McInerney was a white supremacist homophobe who felt threatened by the openly gay King. According to some reports that I have read McInerney was a bully to King but King fought back by making faux passes at McInerney.

According to terms of the plea deal McInerney will be sentenced to 21 years in prison as he was charged as an adult. So he’ll be 38 when he gets out and will be able to still lead somewhat of a life. Lawrence King doesn’t have that option anymore.

What really kills me is that Lawrence King’s father has the gall to make any sort of comments about the case.

“I don’t think that 21-year sentence is justice for my son, but I understand the reality that was facing the DA of trying to convict a defendant who was 14 … when he committed the murder,” Greg King said.

While I agree with him Mr. King kicked his son out of the house for being gay. Of course I guess he has to keep up appearances since he’s suing the school district for his son’s death. A son he basically disowned for being gay. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. King looked at the lawsuit as a way for his son to make up for being gay and murdered. Pathetic.

Newborn taken away from Nazi parents


Heath Campbell. Why yes that is a Hitler mustache and a swastika tattoo.

State Keeps Custody In Baby Hitler Case:

You remember Heath and Deborah Campbell of Phillipsburg, New Jersey don’t you? They’re the lovely and ever so classy couple who named their three kids after Nazi icons. For the record, their names were Adolf Hitler Campbell, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell. Their three children with Nazi names were taken away by DYFS stating prior abuse but the case has been under a gag order since 2009. Let us also not forget that the Campbells are sponging off the system, in my opinion, by claiming that they can’t work due to various ailments.

Apparently, those ailments didn’t stop them from breeding once again. Recently Deborah Campbell gave birth to a fourth child named Hons. However, the state of New Jersey was not having any part of this as DYFS once again stepped in and took the child from its Nazi Breeders.

The Campbells are still claiming that this had to do with the names of the children and that there was no other abuse. As I’ve said before to name your kids after some of history’s greatest monsters is abuse enough. If there was any real justice in the world you and your hausfrau would both be sterilized in a manner that would have made Josef Mengele proud.