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VVM Admits Underage Prostitution Exists, Maintains It’s Not Their Fault:

The term ‘lies’ is my choice of words by the way.

Anyway my favorite reporter, Kat Stoeffel of the New York Observer, once again takes The Village Voice and Village Voice Media to task for their propaganda campaign to show that child prostitution on isn’t that big of a deal.

She calls into question a Village Voice article written by Kristen Hinman that basically claims that most cases of child prostitution are voluntary.

Let me put it another way in case that didn’t sink in for you. VVM is saying in so many words that the victims of child trafficking are ‘asking for it’.

Also, I hate to give away the ending of Ms. Stoeffel’s article but she has a great quote calling the Village Voice’s alleged journalistic ethics into question…

Is journalism that aligns with their business interests still valid?

I would hope that real journalists would say no.

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