Albuquerque EMT busted in Backpage pedo sting

Christopher White
Christopher White

Ambulance Driver Fired After Sex Sting Arrest:

Police in Albuquerque, New Mexico say that EMT and ambulance driver Christopher White replied to an ad on Backpage where he agreed to have sex with a 15-year-old girl for $300. Luckily the 15-year-old girl was actually the Albuquerque police.

“He has a predator-type mentality. For the police or community itself it’s very concerning,” Albuquerque police Commander Doug West said.

“He described the specifics of what he wanted to do, and said he was willing to pay a certain amount of money for this,” West said.

“It seems like there’s such a strong urge for these predators to have sex with an underage female,” West said. “The next time you see an ad for prostitution you might want to think twice because it could be us.”

Like I said before it seems that the creepers know that the Village Voice Media-owned Backpage is now the go-to place to get underage girls. Yet Backpage and VVM still says it’s a free speech issue.

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