Atheists join clergy to fight Backpage


Athiests join churches against Village Voice Media:

This should serve as some proof about how wrong Village Voice Media and Backpage are about child prostitution and human trafficking. Atheists have joined with religious groups on calling VVM and Backpage to put a stop to the prostitution and trafficking ads on their website.

To me, this is monumental since the non-religious and religious rarely agree on anything. This is like Arabs and Jews walking hand in hand. Dogs and cats sleeping together.

An Atheist by the name of Jim Greenamyer of Arlington, Virginia had this to say about Village Voice Media’s blatant disregard for women and children and the truth in general…

“I am an atheist, and I have a very well developed moral sense, and by almost anyone’s definition this is immoral. I am offended and dismayed that the Village Voice, a paper of which I previously had a high opinion, has declined to this extent.”

Now Village Voice Media can not claim that the movements against them are not solely a “fundie” initiative. Although I’m sure some Village Voice hack will come out with an article decrying Atheism.

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