John Katehis convicted in the murder of George Weber

John Katehis perp walk
John Katehis perp walk

‘Satanic’ Teenager Convicted of Killing Carroll Gardens Radio Host:

Speaking of craigslist killers you all remember John Katehis don’t you? At the age of 16 in 2009 Katehis was arrested for the brutal stabbing death of New York radio host George Weber. Weber had posted an ad on craigslist looking to pay someone to perform oral sex on him and choke him. What ended up happening was Katehis responded to the ad and ended up stabbing Weber over 50 times. Katehis claimed self-defense but common sense dictates that 50 stab wounds are more than self-defense. Not to mention that Weber’s feet were bound.

On his social networking profiles, Katehis claimed to be some kind of satanic badass. He laughed during his confession and showed up to court with ‘satanic’ scribblings on his shoes. He also wouldn’t talk to the press unless they paid him.

Last year a mistrial occurred when a lone dissenting juror refused to convict him. It seems that a new jury pool was all it took because Katehis has been convicted.

He’s looking at 25 to life and is scheduled to be sentenced on December 7th.

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