Only 50 people show up to Village Voice protest. Why no occupiers?


The Village Voice Is Getting Slammed For Promoting Sex Ads:

I originally posted about the November 16th protest at the Village Voice here. It was co-sponsored by the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women and Prostitution Research and Education and intended to protest the trafficking that takes place on which is owned by the parent company of the Village Voice. Only 50 people showed up. That’s disappointing to me.

I guess too many people in New York City were too busy with the Occupy Wall Street movement to give a rat’s as about the children and women that are being trafficked on Backpage. If you think about the OWS crowd is basically there to bemoan the fact that they don’t have a piece of the millionaires’ pie. They basically want free money. Instead, they could have put their tent pitching asses to a good use by helping more people aware of the modern-day slavery that is taking place on Backpage. Village Voice Media has a CEO and I would lay odds that he’s a millionaire and he’s making his money in a way that in my opinion is much worse than the financiers on Wall Street.

It’s disgusting the number of people who don’t care about the sexual slavery of women and children that is happening in this country.

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