Village Voice Media uses Phoenix protest to defend backpage


Activists Picket New Times Building in Protest of

Last week a small group of anti-Backpage protesters showed up at the office of the Phoenix New Times which is a Village Voice Media-owned propaganda arm…I mean media outlet. At the protest were people claiming to represent the Frederick Douglas Foundation and the National Organization of Women. Of course, VVM used this as an opportunity in the New Times to try to discredit anyone who believes that Backpage promotes the sexual trafficking of women and children.

One of the protesters — who previously protested over similar “sexual-exploitation” complaints — admits that shutting down will not put an end to human trafficking. He goes on to say that VVM isn’t directly making money from human trafficking but is profiting from the ad revenue generated by the website.

Notice that there is no name attributed to that quote, just ‘one of the protesters’. In a group of only 15 to 20 people, you think they would have gotten a name.

VVM also issued a memo to their employees which contained this little gem…

In their announcement of the protest, the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women stated that there have been 50 cases of trafficking identified by law enforcement in the last three years.

What CATW neglected to mention is that in the period of time ran nearly 100 million classified ads, of which approximately 14 million were adult.

We can only hope that CATW will respect the First Amendment rights of the millions who use

Once again Village Voice Media is draping themselves in the Constitution. But while they’re busy claiming that running ads for prostitution is a first amendment right they conveniently forget about the 13th Amendment which was supposed to abolish slavery in the United States.

Then again being defenders of the 13th Amendment won’t make them any money will it?

And again VVM is using their ‘journalistic’ outlets to defend their horrible business practices. I think that is what’s known as a conflict of interest and shows that whatever integrity VVM had is now non-existent.

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