Another NC Dumbfish sent back to the cannery

Victor Gaston
Victor Gaston

Sex Offender Victor Gaston Sentenced For Social Media Violations:

NC Sex Offender Gets Prison for Facebook Request:

As I have mentioned many times before it is illegal in the state of North Carolina for registered sex offenders to be on any social networking site. I’ve called these offenders that ignore the law dumbfish because it’s basically like a fish jumping into the boat.

Today we have such another dumbfish by the name of Victor Gaston. Gaston, 36, is from Reidsville, NC and spent a mere 2 years in jail for taking indecent liberties with a child. The law apparently did not stop Gaston from allegedly trying to friend his victim from that crime on Facebook. For his troubles, Gaston was sent back to state prison for roughly 7 1/2 years.

I wish he had gotten more time for his crimes. Imagine the horror that the victim must have gone through again after receiving his friend request.

But as long as these sex offenders are going to be idiots like this NC is going to keep sending them to prison. Not for long enough though if you ask me.

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