Child molested by craigslist babysitter. Is anyone surprised?

Steven P. Knox

Steven P. Knox

Babysitter found on Craigslist charged with sexual assault:

Babysitter accused of sexually assaulting 6-year-old girl:

32-year-old Steven P. Knox of Webster, Texas advertised his services as a babysitter on craigslist. A woman from Clear Lake, Texas needed an overnight babysitter and used his services. So does it come as a shock to anybody that Knox is accused of molesting the woman’s 6-year-old daughter?

According to court records, a 6-year-old girl told investigators that Knox, whom she knew as her babysitter, put his finger in her private area four times. The girl said Knox had put “ice” on his finger and that the penetration had burned.

A sexual assault examination on June 24 at Texas Children’s Hospital showed that the girl had a 3-millimeter tear on her vagina, court records stated.

Why do I get the feeling it was Mineral Ice or Icy Hot or something like that?

When approached by KTRK from Houston Knox claims that he allegedly did not intentionally hurt the girl. He also claims that God talks to him.

Then when we asked Knox if he was sorry for what he did, he replied, “All I know is that God says I would be vindicated, and that I would come out on the clear on this.”

Knox went on to tell Eyewitness News that God speaks to him.

And to make matters even worse Knox is out on $30K bond right now.

But the question that begs to be asked is why in the hell would anyone get a babysitter off of craigslist let alone a 32-year-old man. There’s nothing about that sentence that doesn’t scream child molester.

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  1. Lori

    Any mom who gets ANY stranger to babysit, has no maternal instincts at all. 

  2. Your_Pal_Nancy

    What the…this is just…oh jeez. Seriously God is going to vindicate him? Ok then. It made me really sad what the girl said about it “burning”, this is exactly what my little niece told her mom when her monster of a cousin molested her. She once told me “JD stung me but I don’t remember where, so don’t ask”. It absolutely broke my heart. Trying to deal with something like this as a child must be so confusing. Her mother is an absolute fool and obviously only cared about whatever she was doing that night, and not about her children.

  3. K_white38

    I just can’t even believe that someone would use a babysitter they didn’t know.

  4. Concerned_mom

    The guy needs to be castrated

  5. Mary_Jane

    The mom needs to have her head examined

  6. B-Dawg

    What kind of guy would want to be a babysitter in 2011 in any case? Even if you’re not a pervert you’ll be accused of being one for sure.
    A smart guy stays away from kids (other than his own) in this day and age!

  7. Just Saying

    The mom is an idiot!!!!


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