E.O. Green shooter takes plea

Brandon McInerney
Brandon McInerney

Calif. teen faces 21 years in prison after guilty plea in killing of gay classmate:

After a mistrial 17-year-old Brandon McInerney has pleaded guilty to the 2008 shooting death of 15-year-old Lawrence King inside E.O. Green Junior High in Oxnard, California. By all reports, McInerney was a white supremacist homophobe who felt threatened by the openly gay King. According to some reports that I have read McInerney was a bully to King but King fought back by making faux passes at McInerney.

According to terms of the plea deal, McInerney will be sentenced to 21 years in prison as he was charged as an adult. So he’ll be 38 when he gets out and will be able to still lead somewhat of a life. Lawrence King doesn’t have that option anymore.

What really kills me is that Lawrence King’s father has the gall to make any sort of comments about the case.

“I don’t think that 21-year sentence is justice for my son, but I understand the reality that was facing the DA of trying to convict a defendant who was 14 … when he committed the murder,” Greg King said.

While I agree with him Mr. King kicked his son out of the house for being gay. Of course, I guess he has to keep up appearances since he’s suing the school district for his son’s death. A son he basically disowned for being gay. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. King looked at the lawsuit as a way for his son to make up for being gay and murdered. Pathetic.

2 thoughts on “E.O. Green shooter takes plea”

  1. There’s this really weird book called Invisible Monsters where in it the parents kick their teenage son because they think he’s gay, then a year later someone calls and tells them he’s dead and just hangs up. After that, they join PFLAG and “can’t wait to be hate crimed” because they are so proud of their dead gay son. Mr. King makes me think of them.


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